Infomaniak Web and Classic hostings now offer 100 GB of SSD disk space as default. Existing clients can thus enjoy 40 GB of additional space at no extra cost and Cloud Servers (managed and unmanaged) will also be able to enjoy this advance.

An SSD Web hosting with 100 GB of disk space

An online storage space of 100 GB opens new possibilities.

It becomes possible, for example, to create your own personal Cloud service with ownCloud in order to manage your data autonomously. You also have more space to manage several websites with the same hosting (multisite or multidomain management).

What is more, musicians, film makers, photographers and artists will be happy to be able to store their creations without having to worry about the amount of disk space remaining on their hosting. You will thus, for example, be able to create a photo site with Koken and store a large library of images.