The past year marked major milestones in Infomaniak’s development, as it reaches its 25 years of existence. We opened our first offices in Winterthur, increased our staff by 50% and launched new online services like Swiss Backup, Jelastic Cloud and the Guest Manager. Ever closer to our clients, Infomaniak customer service has succeeded in stabilizing a record satisfaction rate of 93%.

In 2019, Infomaniak’s roadmap will roll out a host of improvements as well as some highly-anticipated innovations. A Dropbox alternative, the total redesign of our “Gmail”, a website Generator and high-availability data storage with Synology NAS: the ecosystem of Infomaniak’s online services will be greatly enhanced to offer you an ever-increasing number of features and better performance. The services you use on a daily basis will also be significantly improved and particular attention will be given to ergonomics and user experience. This year more than ever, Infomaniak’s products and services will be optimized continually based on your feedback and your needs.

Overview of the new features planned for 2019

Launch of a Dropbox designed and hosted in Switzerland

Infomaniak is preparing the future for online file synchronization and storage with the arrival of its Dropbox alternative, fully hosted in Switzerland. This highly-acclaimed, 100% Swiss made solution will be proposed during the year at incredibly competitive prices. The solution will enable you to synchronize your PC data (Windows and macOS) and will also be available for mobiles and tablets via an optimized Web interface. The first users will also benefit from a substantial free offer. the 100% Swiss WeTransfer with 20 GB for free

Infomaniak’s high-end infrastructure will soon boast a large file transfer service that will defy all competition: This free new service, fully hosted in Switzerland, operates with the utmost respect for privacy and data privacy. Swiss Transfer lets you send up to 20 GB of data at one time, password protect your files and customize the number of downloads and expiry dates for transfers.

Infomaniak enhances its Web hosting features

Launch of a website generator

Infomaniak’s highly-anticipated website generator will integrate hosting offers during the year. The new sitebuilder will complement the Web apps, CMS and professional WordPress themes already available for free. This new publisher intends to offer a simple, effective experience to those who don’t have time to get acquainted with more conventional CMS. Everyone will be able to publish a website online that is optimized for mobiles with its domain name and email addresses, in just a few clicks. The sitebuilder will incorporate highly-intuitive ergonomics and will not require any previous knowledge.

Infomaniak will remove malware and troubleshoot vulnerabilities automatically

With a constant focus on making security accessible to everyone, Infomaniak will provide all its hostings with Patchman, the benchmark malware and vulnerability detection tool for hosting service providers, free of charge. As a major step towards reinforcing and simplifying the security management of your sites, this feature complements the free antivirus analysis which Infomaniak already proposes. The tool will scan hostings and will automatically inform you if it detects malware or a security leak to enable you to fix the issue. If you take no action, Patchman will automatically add patches that will not affect your sites or apps. The tool corrects a wide range of Web apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc. Thanks to this new feature, you can rest assured that your clients and users benefit from optimal security conditions without spending more money.

Launch of WorkSpace 3, the Swiss Gmail by Infomaniak

Your WorkSpace is heading for its 3rd generation: a totally reinvented version developed thanks to your feedback. Webmail loading, send speed, draft recovery: WorkSpace performances will be significantly enhanced. We intend to offer an independent Swiss alternative to Gmail that highlights user experience (UX) and smart features. Mailbox, contacts, calendars, SMS: every WorkSpace feature has been given a total overhaul, both frontend and backend. New responsive interface, new more powerful Webmail editor, new smart folders with automatic filtering of advertising and social-media-related messages, delayed sending, email display as chats, plus enhanced search: we’re working on the market’s best-ever professional Webmail.

Newsletter tool enhancement and development

The newsletter tool quickly established itself as one of the most popular Infomaniak services. As great developments are in the pipeline for the tool, it will benefit from special monitoring as part of the continuous improvement process. More fluid, more intuitive, our professional emailing solution’s user interface will be totally redesigned. Campaign management, multi-language management, statistics presentation: the Newsletter tool will become even more practical to use on a daily basis.

At the same time, our team will continue to collect users’ wishes and feedback throughout the year on a dedicated page to prepare future Newsletter developments, notably concerning automated sending, the upcoming scenario editor and the A/B testing feature.

Launch of high-availability HD-NAS servers

The Synology NAS offer hosted in our datacentres in Switzerland will be extended to propose “high-availability” redundant servers. Two paired and mirrored NAS servers (an active server and a passive server) and SSD caching will ensure optimal data access. Full hardware redundancy will ensure maximum security and constant data availability, regardless of the circumstances. Each HD-NAS server will also benefit from a dedicated Infomaniak-provided IP address. The high-availability Synology NAS will be of particular benefit to businesses which update their data very frequently, as is the case for those who manage relational databases (CRMs) that back up their workstations and/or their servers, for example.

Launch of the new audio and video streaming service

New audio streaming platform

The new version of the audio streaming platform will be rolled out this year following a total overhaul of the service architecture. Meeting the latest requirements, the platform will propose high-end professional streaming services. The first major development will be multi-bitrate streaming. Infomaniak servers will be able to fully process data stream transcoding and, as such, lighten client-side load. The new platform will ensure audio streams are broadcast seamlessly on all devices by automatically tailoring resolution based on the connection speed of end users. This feature will create stream segments which can be integrated on new Google Home and Apple HomePod-type devices.

The second development will roll out a new interface based on user experience, including Manager integration, statistics presentation enhancement and a new HTML5 player, to name but a few. The platform will also support the Triton advertising ecosystem.

Video streaming service development

The new version of the video streaming platform which integrates multi-bitrate streaming went into production a few weeks ago and will continue to evolve to offer other new features. All existing clients will be gradually migrated to the new version during the year. At the same time, we will integrate key new features including:

  • Video player compatible with VAST and VPAID standards
  • Direct broadcast of 360° videos
  • new more efficient, more detailed statistics
  • timeshift (nDVR) feature to pause and/or rewind during direct play
  • simulcast (simultaneous broadcast) feature for Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The simulcast feature will significantly lighten client hardware resource encoding and bandwidth needs by enabling them to send a single, high-resolution stream. This stream will be automatically sent on demand to external platforms like Facebook and YouTube to extend the broadcasting range.

Development of the new version of the video and audio on demand service (AOD/VOD)

The development of the new VOD/AOD service is progressing rapidly with the upcoming launch of a more user-friendly management console, clearer statistics and integration into the Manager. The new VOD/AOD service will also integrate the following new features:

  • customizable, multi-language subtitles
  • support for 360° videos
  • integration of the latest formats and codecs
  • multi-bitrate videos
  • annotations on the player itself with customizable links
  • source file storage for archiving, post-processing, etc.
  • overhaul and new version of CMS plugins (WordPress, etc.)

Thanks to you, the Infomaniak community is getting bigger

The Infomaniak family is growing a little more every day. More and more of you communicate with our team on social media and this encourages us to push our limits to offer you the best in all circumstances.

This year, we have a few great surprises in store for you, in particular with new free Webinars, very special guests and exclusive goodies to win. We warmly invite you to join our networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram) to keep up to date on the programme.

In 2019, Infomaniak will be even more committed to its various user communities by taking part in several key events of the open source world, an integral part of our philosophy. We are delighted to share the highlights of these events with you:

  • Swiss Cybersecurity days
  • Joomla Day Paris
  • Drupal Mountain Camp
  • Typo3camp
  • DebConf19
  • Forom

Everything is still a secret, but we can already let you know that the Infomaniak team is actively preparing festivities to celebrate our 25th anniversary with you! Keep your eye on social media 😉

Needs-focused user experience

Improving our users’ everyday activities is top priority. To ensure we constantly offer you the best user experience possible, we bring together resources dedicated to ergonomics and the user interface in a reinforced monitoring unit. Throughout the year, at least 5 people will constantly ensure the links between clients and the various project managers to report, prioritize and monitor improvements to be made. This new organization will enable us to integrate and develop the optimizations clients want even faster.

2019 looks set to be an innovation- and enhancement-rich year for Infomaniak. Of course, this 2019 roadmap is in no way exhaustive and will evolve with your feedback and technological breakthroughs. More than ever, we are determined to remain on top as one of the most active hosting service providers on the market whilst placing client needs at the top of our priorities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and, on behalf of the whole Infomaniak team, to wish you a wonderful 2019.