New login page

From 18 October, the new login page for the Infomaniak Manager will make mulitaccount management easier. Thanks to this advance, it will be possible to change accounts in one click without having to enter your login details every time. This evolution will make life easier for Web agencies and professionals, who will be able to change from one client account to another even more quickly.

An assistant to make your Infomaniak account secure

Nowadays, relying just on the protection of passwords to guarantee the security of your web services is no longer enough. It is now essential to implement additional security elements.

In order to make logging onto your Infomaniak products even more secure, we are going to integrate a security assistant to the Manager. This assistant will allow you to progressively review the essential security elements of your account.

  1. Login details: we recommend that you check the login email address for your Infomaniak account and change your password regularly.
  2. Details: your telephone number and secondary email address could be life-savers. In the event of hacking or you forgetting your password, this information allows you to recover your account quickly and to be notified when products are expiring. That way you keep control of your data and do not run the risk of losing your domain and your website.
  3. Two-step validation: also called double authentication, this protects your account even in the event of hackers getting their hands on your password. To log into your account, you will be invited to enter your usual password as well as a unique validation code which you will receive via text message or a mobile app. To find out more
  4. Connected devices: this functionality allows you to control the devices connected to your Infomaniak account in real time. If you do not recognise one of the devices listed, you can restart your remote logins in complete security.

From 18 October, you will therefore log into the Infomaniak Manager via a new login page and you will be progressively asked to review the security of your account.