As early as 2007, Infomaniak put in place an ambitious environmental charter, which since then has served as a central reference point for the company’s operations.

In six years, this pro-environment policy has continued to develop and expand within the company, to the point that today, Infomaniak is pleased to announce an even fuller commitment towards the environment.

The key points of these resolutions can be fund in the attached document and full details may be viewed at

The principal new developments to this energy policy are as follows:

  • Fully offsetting all CO2 emissions generated by the company and its personnel (including travel to the workplace)
  • A major reduction in air conditioning at data centres through the use of “chiller-less” air regulation and servers able to run at higher temperatures
  • A policy of regularly replacing servers in order to ensure that only recent, less energy-hungry hardware is used, along with the use of the latest generation of power inverters offering extremely high efficiency
  • A sustainable transport scheme for company personnel