Since 2009, we have been partnering with Nest, a pension fund that selects its investments based on environmental and social criteria that are likely to contribute to a sustainable economy and society. All investments are examined from an ethical standpoint. Activities that are excluded include genetic modification of crops, arms, child labour and nuclear power.

Under our same environmental charter, we also support organisations such as the WWF, Equiterre and Greenpeace, paying out 1% annually of revenue generated from new contracts.

412_2013-06-14-08-45-13_7 Infomaniak also participates in the “Un toit pour les abeilles” (“A roof for bees”) project, which is actively involved in protecting bees and developing colonies through the actions of partnering beekeepers and company-sponsored beehives.

412_2013-01-21-17-59-14_0The bees that we sponsor are housed within the Miellerie Alphonse honey house (Drôme), which is committed to producing swarms and training around 100 amateur beekeepers each year. As a token of their appreciation, the bees offer us the fruits of their labour, namely their honey.

Every year, we receive the corresponding jars of honey from our sponsorship. The honey obtained carries the “AB” label for French organic produce.