With Infomaniak, fans of the Red Devils can follow Belgium’s games and the entire World Cup on the RTBF website. For one month, tens of thousands of Belgian fans will connect simultaneously to Infomaniak servers that will transmit these games only to IP addresses located in Belgian territory (due to broadcasting rights).

For 10 years, the RTBF has used the VOD platform to store and distribute its thousands of audio and video archives as well as the Live Streaming platform, both developed by Infomaniak. The RTBF website hosted at Infomaniak.be is spread out over more than 50 clustered servers, to ensure accessibility and stability. This collaboration illustrates Infomaniak’s ability to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of hosting and streaming.

Find the 64 matches played in Brazil on http://www.rtbf.be/sport/football/coupedumonde/