A minor revolution in the highly strategic world of Internet domain names: domain name sales from Infomaniak are now a reality!
Since early 2013, ì.chî domain names have been available for purchase from Infomaniak at a better price than from the web site of the official registrar Switch. Such domains will be of particular interest to administrators of Swiss web sites, who have been waiting for this independent option for purchasing domain names for several months.
This week, we have put an option on line at www.infomaniak.com to transfer your .ch domains free of charge or order new .ch domain names at the unbeatable price of 9.90. Set it as an alias to an existing site hosted with Infomaniak or manage the domainís DNS zone as required!
Transferring your domain names to us will also give you the chance to check out our new control panel, which will soon be offered as a replacement to admin.infomaniak.com for managing your web sites.
The key benefit of this offer is of course the price. But thatís not all: with every domain name, you can also get an e-mail address and hosting space in case you donít yet need a full hosting package.
Specifically, with the Starter plan offered at the time of registering your domain name, you can set up an e-mail address of your choice (e.g. info@, contact@, name.surname@, etc.). In addition, a ìpostmasterî address is automatically created for you to use as required.
These e-mail address may of course be used with our Webmail system, bringing you all of its associated tools: calendar, address book, SMS messaging, bookmarks, and of course auto-reply, forwarding, sorting filters, etc. Not to mention sharing and synchronisation facilities!
Included: 10MB disk space
Ideal for setting up a storefront site, the Starter plan gives you access to 10MB of disk space for HTML files only.
You get a mini editor allowing you to set up your home page with the minimum of effort, and/or an FTP account that you may use with our file manager, giving you direct access to your data on the server.
Remember the days when you had to buy a ì.chî from Switch, then look for a third party e-mail provider, before finally linking the two using a complex and painstaking configuration procedure?
Gone are those days! The leading hosting provider in French-speaking Switzerland is now offering a low-cost deal including domain name, e-mail and disk space, all with our renowned top-quality service!
The following extensions are now on sale:
.com, .fr, .ch, .li, .net, .org, .be, .info, .biz, .name, .eu, .re, .pro and over 100 more extensions will be available over time.
Our control panel interface allows you to set up your domain name as you require. In particular, you may set your new domain name as an alias for an existing site already hosted with Infomaniak or administer the corresponding DNS zone as required.
To find out more about our new domain name packages, simply log into your control panel at admin2.infomaniak.com then from the menu go to Administration > Manage products.