So far, the Switch foundation, as a registrar, has managed the registration information on .CH domain names in a centralized database and published in the “zone file”. Meanwhile, as the registrar, it offers domain names for sale.
A registrar is accredited and bound to the register by contract and operational level. The separation between the registry functions and the registrar has emerged as the standard model in the management of top-level domain name extensions (ccTLD and gTLD).
In this regard, OFCOM (Swiss Federal Office of Communications) wanted to separate these two tasks registry and registrar at the end of the contract that binds it with Switch in March 2015. This is the purpose of the Ordinance on Internet domains (ODI).
A challenger for the management of the .CH domain name extension was cofounded by Infomaniak, the “Registrar Alliance“. It is meant to be representative of the interests of the Internet community in Switzerland. It is committed to good governance and to offering its members and other registrars economical, reliable, and non-discriminatory registry services.
450,000 direct customers of Switch are concerned, as are nearly 1.2 million .CH domain names.