With every new Cloud Server order, you now get 2 CPUs and 6 GB of RAM by default. Clients who already have a VPS in Infomaniak’s Cloud infrastructure can also benefit from this advance.

VPS that are twice as powerful for the same price

The basic offer with 1 CPU and 4 GB of RAM is therefore giving way to a much faster configuration, while retaining the same entry tariff. Clients who already have a Cloud Server with 2 CPUs will therefore see their invoices reduced, and this advance applies to both managed and unmanaged Cloud Servers.

With twice as much power at the same price as the previous basic offer, Infomaniak’s VPS are getting even more attractive and allow you to host more resource-intensive websites and applications.

In terms of memory, a Cloud Server allows up to 400 sites to be hosted, and its hardware configuration can be customised up to 500 GB of SSD disk space, 24 CPUs and 50 GB of RAM.

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