We are pleased to announce the arrival of our kMail mobile app in a beta version. The app makes it possible to manage Infomaniak email addresses in a secure environment which guarantees confidentiality of communication. With this native mobile app, we are continuing to develop our independent and ethical alternative to Outlook and Gmail. In addition to your addresses linked to a domain name, it is possible to create a free address directly via the app.

kMail secures and improves the management of your emails on your mobile

The kMail mobile app offers the smoothest and most secure experience on your mobile for your Infomaniak email addresses.

The new messages are instantly notified (push via API) with the guarantee that your emails are not retrieved (scrapping) by a third-party company requesting IMAP access. The app makes it possible to switch between several organisations, find emails, personalise scanning actions, etc. It also benefits from advanced Infomaniak protection against phishing, viruses and unwanted messages.

Thanks to the Infomaniak API, the app ensures the availability of your messaging service abroad, even when the Internet providers block IMAP connections to foreign services. It also allows you to protect access to your emails by locking the device (Face ID, for example).

kMail, an independent and ethical messaging service

When you want to create a free email address, you are always faced with the same problem. On the one hand, the web giants rely on advanced functions and abuse the privacy of users to develop their AI and sell advertising in exchange. On the other hand, free encrypted messaging services have limited storage and functions, thereby limiting their adoption for daily use.

By entrusting the management of your emails to Infomaniak, you can count on the following guarantees:

If you don’t want to personalise your email address with a domain name, you can obtain a free @ik.me @etik.com or @ikmail.com email address when starting the kMail app. You will have 20 GB to store your emails as well as 15 GB to store your documents and photos, and you will also be able to synchronize and unify your contacts and appointments in kMail and between all your devices. If necessary, it is easy to transfer messages, contacts and appointments from a previous email address to Infomaniak.

Download kMail and be part of the public test phase

At present, the kMail app is still in the development phase and you can already access it to test it and help us improve it. Places are limited; the more positive feedback we receive, the more new places we will make available in order to manage your feedback.

Contribute to the open source project

Like the kDrive mobile app, all the kMail app code is open source. Developers from around the world can therefore read the code, see the access authorisations required by our apps and check how they are used to access personal data such as your contacts.

If you are a developer, you can therefore contribute to the development of the app via the Infomaniak GitHub repository.

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