You can string together several videos from your VOD space (a complete directory automatically or a selection of videos) in a playlist.

For example, this creates a fake WebTV, ie provides a flow which will be seen synchronously by all viewers even if this flow is not directly transmitted.

The novelty is that it is now possible to manage playlists manually (in the past each playlist was linked to one or several folders, all the videos in the folders were added with a small but dynamic scheduling).

You will have to create new playlists if you choose to use this new type of playlist (dynamic or manual). Your old playlists cannot be edited in this way.

To add one or several videos to your playlist using this new method, you can:

  • drag and drop a video into the list
  • double-click on a video to add it to the list
  • drag and drop a directory to add all the videos in the folder (but not the child folders).
  • use the contextual menu of the rollover line

You can reorder the videos using the “up” and “down”arrows or dragging and dropping (manual ordering).

You must manually add any new video to a folder that has already been completely added to a playlist if youíre using this method to upload it.

The playlists work with Flash player and also with the playerís Fallback to Flash in HTML5.