Thanks to you, Infomaniak is shaping the web of the future. In 2019, we launched and kDrive, demonstrating our intention to provide professional alternatives to the Big Five tech companies, and further developments are just around the corner! We’ve had to take a bit more time with WorkSpace and the final version will be released in the second quarter of 2020 – and that’s a promise. You’re going to love it!

Key new features for 2020

A free alternative to Gmail

From the end of the third quarter, we’ll be offering a free e-mail address which will include collaborative calendar and contact management. Many of you have asked us about acquiring an email address other than one with Gmail or Yahoo for your everyday contacts with a solution that’s fully developed in the heart of Europe and completely independent.

Launch of an instant messaging service

As part of the mail product, we’ll be including an open-source alternative to Slack. Professionals will be able to communicate with the guarantee that their exchanges will be kept completely confidential. This new service will be entirely hosted in our independent data centres which protect privacy.

Configuring your email contacts and calendars in 1 click

You’ll have the opportunity to discover our solution for email composition and automatic configuration. Your colleagues will have greater independence in configuring their mailbox, contacts and calendars on their workstation, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Simplification and closer interaction between our products

We’ve now established a team dedicated to simplifying and handling your products based on your feedback. In the coming months, products such as WorkSpace, kDrive, VOD and will progressively benefit from a large number of interactions. Our goal: creating more interaction between our products so as to simplify your workflows between colleagues and customers. So stay tuned for more developments.

Simplifying website creation and development

Web hostings will offer staging. This feature will help you to create development environments on the fly for preparing the redesign of or alterations to your websites without affecting your current visitors.

At the same time, we’re also preparing a website builder and future Hosting infrastructure. This major development will enhance the performance and reliability of our hostings even more and will, in particular, allow for designing instances using the technology of your choice (node.js, ruby, etc.).

Ecology: reductions in our emissions and future data centre

Soon, we’ll be talking to you about the reuse programme for our old servers. Given that we exclusively use renewable energy, manufacturing new servers generates far more CO2 than 20 years of using our current servers. We’ll be returning to this point to show you how we’ll further reduce our CO2 emissions without affecting the performance of your services.

Meanwhile, we’re also working on developing the next data centre, opening in late 2022. We can already tell you that 100% of the heat generated will be used to heat a district of buildings in Geneva.

For the techs

Scalable and secure storage space (object storage)

This new product will allow you to store and secure very large volumes of data so that you can access it from applications or make it available in the Cloud for mass use.

Expanding our Cloud offering

We’re going to expand our Cloud offering with an infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Powered by a whole new dedicated Cloud infrastructure, this new service will make it possible to use self-service resources (CPU, RAM, storage) on demand to ensure the high availability and scalability of your applications.

Infomaniak’s API will be going public

We’re preparing to gradually open the notre API primarily to enable our partners to simplify the management of their customers. Developers will also be able to create powerful synergies and connect their applications using our products.

Thank you for placing your trust in us and for your continued support

It’s only thanks to your trust that we’re able to finance and develop our products internally and thereby remain a strong and independent alternative to the Big Five tech companies. Infomaniak consists of over 130 employees based mainly in Geneva and also in Winterthur. Our support and our engineers will never be relocated, and we will always remain wholly committed to a sustainable and circular economy.

On behalf of the entire team at Infomaniak, we would like to say how much we truly appreciate you; without you, we would be nothing.

Thank you and until next time!