To make the internet more trustworthy and to enable professionals and businesses to offer their clients the highest level of security and trust, Infomaniak is launching Comodo/Sectigo EV and DV certificates at prices that are among the least expensive on the market.

For online businesses, trust means revenue. Web users and e-shoppers are ever more sensitive to the conditions and guarantees of security of the internet sites on which they chose to enter personal or credit card data.

1. Today, SSL certificates have become essential

HTTPS/SSL is making great strides to contribute to a safer, more reassuring web. This change is supported by a number of initiatives designed to raise consumer awareness and to protect their private data:

  • This year, the implementation of the GDPR has initiated a major European movement that obliges businesses to secure the personal data collected on their websites.
  • Due to its dominant position, Google has imposed the use of the HTTPS protocol by including it in its algorithmic relevance criteria.
  • Since last July, the Chrome browser has displayed security notices to dissuade web users from dealing with non-secure sites. Websites secured by HTTPS now represent over 80% of the pages loaded by the browser throughout the world.

2. Comodo SSL certificates are a strategic asset for businesses and professionals

As a Swiss web service provider, Infomaniak assesses the economic significance of corporate online security on a daily basis.

Trust, legitimacy and security: on the internet, these proven factors of competitiveness have a direct impact on business revenue.

To win the trust of their customers and prospects, businesses have a strategic interest in offering maximum guarantees of security and reliability, failing which they could lose business.

That is why they use professional SSL certificates that are adapted to their activity. These certificates are issued by Comodo/Sectigo, the world’s leading control authority, and offer web users the best guarantees of confidence.

3. The limits to free SSL certificates

As a sponsor of Let’s Encrypt since 2016, Infomaniak supports a safer web and enables the installation of 1-click SSL certification with its hosting services.

These basic SSL certificates are suitable for private sites and personal pages that do not collect personal data, such as email addresses, surnames and first names.

However, it is important to know that free certificates do not guarantee the real identity and legitimate nature of a business that operates a website. Thus, they do not enable visitors to know whether they are on an authentic website or a malicious site that is seeking to misappropriate personal or bank data.

Moreover, Let’s Encrypt certificates offer no guarantee in the case of a fraudulent transaction due to a failure in the certificate validation process.

4. What type of SSL certificate to choose?

A free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, EV SSL certificate or DV SSL certificate: it’s not easy to make the right choice at first sight. However, you must not neglect this point, as it can have a major impact on the success of a website.

The migration of a free SSL certificate to an EV or DV certificate is easy and quick. Moreover, these certificates can be installed and activated on any site, regardless of the hosting service.

4.1 EV certificates: for businesses registered with the trade and companies register

EV SSL certificates immediately inspire your customers’ trust:

  • The name of the company is displayed in the address bar
  • The company is authenticated by an external certification authority
  • The website displays the official secure site seal of the certification authority
  • Users are covered in case of a fraudulent transaction related to the validation of the certificate ($1.75 M).

Validated and issued by the world’s leading certification authority (Sectigo/Comodo), extended validation SSL certificates offer incomparable levels of verification to confirm the legitimacy of corporate websites. Both the domain name and the company are authenticated.

Unlike free SSL certificates that are distributed automatically, the EV SSL certificate verification and authentication process ensures highly effective protection to guard your clients against website counterfeiting, phishing and identity theft.

With a guarantee of up to $1.75 M for end users, EV SSL certificates cover any losses arising from a failure in the validation system during a fraudulent credit card transaction.

In short, an EV SSL certificate enables you to:

  • affirm your legitimacy and strengthen your brand image
  • protect your prospects against phishing and counterfeit sites
  • increase sales thanks to greater trust
  • guard against incidents

Order a Comodo/Sectigo EV certificate

4.2 DV certificates: for professionals and private individuals

DV (domain validation) SSL certificates offer an intermediate level of trust that is superior to free SSL certificates, while offering substantial guarantees to end users in case of problems with the validation of the SSL certificate.

Here are the advantages of a DV certificate:

  • Issued by the world’s leading certification authority (Comodo/Sectigo)
  • End users are covered in case of a fraudulent transaction related to the validation of the certificate ($10,000)
  • The website displays the official secure site seal of the certification authority
  • Support

DV SSL certificates offer guarantees of trust that are sufficient for private individuals and professionals who collect personal data on their websites via a contact form or newsletter registration, for example.

These certificates are available to unregistered companies and business entities. Consequently, only the domain name, and not the business itself, is validated.

Order a Comodo/Sectigo DV certificate

4.3 Free SSL certificates: for personal websites

Like other SSL certificates, free SSL certificates offer a basic level of security by validating the domain name and encrypting traffic.

They are perfectly suited to personal sites and offer the minimum degree of trust to avoid triggering security warnings in users’ browsers.

Unlike EV and DV certificates, they are delivered 100% automatically and offer no financial guarantee in case of a fraudulent activity related to a failure in the certificate validation process.

Installing a basic Let’s Encrypt certificate (free)

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