Virtuozzo Cloud is changing the way in which developers, businesses and organisations roll out their applications online. Infomaniak’s platform as a service (PaaS) eliminates hardware constraints so as to accelerate the roll-out of all types of infrastructure or development environments, on demand and at lower costs. Saving time, labour and resources: it’s hard to go back when you’ve experienced such a high-performing solution.

The Swiss PaaS solution, implemented at the highest level

Advanced virtualisation technologies and Tier 3+ green infrastructure: Virtuozzo Cloud offers unprecedented opportunities. With this solution, users can create bespoke architectures using fully dedicated and scalable resources in just a few clicks.

Recently, Virtuozzo Cloud capabilities have been drawn upon to maintain the availability of a public administration office’s online service during a major server upgrade. The success of the operation will have largely confirmed the operational and economic relevance of Virtuozzo Cloud at the highest level in Switzerland.

Our client’s challenge: performing a critical server upgrade without interrupting services

A Swiss public administration office’s web application, used by a very large number of people, cannot suffer through any holdup without causing significant inconvenience. So, when upgrading the servers supporting this application became an urgent need, it was appropriate to take all steps necessary to avoid any interruption of service. How can we achieve this without incurring astronomical hardware costs and lengthening response times? Such was the challenge faced by our contact, the manager of a web application which is based on a complex architecture and artificial intelligence technology from NASA.

The libraries used to automate SSL certificate updates were no longer compatible with the Linux operating system working on the servers. With the certificates expiring, it became necessary to do a complete reinstallation of the servers within a very short period of time, using a new Linux operating system, this time able to support the libraries required to secure the application’s web services.

30 minutes to deploy a bespoke infrastructure

“Virtuozzo Cloud surprised us. Truth be told, the service totally exceeded our expectations,” the Application Manager revealed to Infomaniak’s customer service.

And for good reason: it was possible to entirely recreate an infrastructure in just 30 minutes to host the application temporarily while the servers were being upgraded.

Virtuozzo Cloud made it possible to:

  • Select basic hardware resources (reservation of cloudlets)
  • Create a Linux server with an operating system of their choice
  • Create a Tomcat application server in the version desired
  • Create an Apache server in the version desired
  • Deploy the Angular application on the Apache server
  • Deploy the Java application on the Tomcat server
  • Set up the SSL certificates to enable HTTPS
  • Redirect URLs to link to new Virtuozzo domains

Normally, these operations would have taken around two working days, considering all of the precautions and verifications to be undertaken so that migration runs smoothly.

“Initially, we used Virtuozzo Cloud as a fallback infrastructure. Now we plan to use it on a permanent basis,” the Application Manager assured us.

He further specified that Virtuozzo Cloud made it possible, in particular, to select and test multiple software versions to verify their overall compatibility in a few clicks, all while making judicious use of hardware resources. He also emphasised the advantage of being able to develop the infrastructure automatically if necessary and to easily add load balancing or any other architectural element.

Increased productivity and maintenance savings: Virtuozzo Cloud delivers on its promises

Virtuozzo Cloud is one of the most flexible hosting solutions on the market and offers easier access to the best technology available (Kubernetes, Node.js, Java, Docker, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc.). It makes it possible to build any type of architecture, like a WordPress cluster installation, for example. However, it is interesting to note that this cutting-edge technology is also used to ensure the stability, availability and consistency of a complete application system, in order to achieve significant savings in terms of labour and maintenance. Virtuozzo Cloud can therefore be used to simplify system administration tasks and accelerate work processes for developers.

A complete range of cloud services

Virtuozzo Cloud is the ideal alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform and is available for a free, no-obligation trial lasting 14 days. The solution is part of Infomaniak’s comprehensive cloud hosting service offering, designed to meet the highest standards of the industry. It includes both managed and unmanaged Cloud Servers, as well as Very High Availability Cloud Hosting.

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