WorkSpace, the Swiss Webmail is continuing to evolve towards the next generation. By the end of winter 2018-2019, the professional collaboration suite developed and hosted in Switzerland will have adopted a completely new interface offering improved performance and new features. More than an upgrade, the new generation of Infomaniak WorkSpace has been designed from scratch in order to produce the best professional Webmail on the market.

Developed for and by users

With over a million email addresses under its management, Infomaniak brings its experience and expertise to serve its customers throughout the world. A flagship product of the Swiss hosting service, WorkSpace addresses the needs of an increasing number of users searching for an independent professional email service which is secure and respects privacy.

Determined to offer the best Webmail on the market, Infomaniak is actively preparing the new generation of WorkSpace, placing the end user at the centre of its discussion and developments. In recent weeks, several thousand users have expressed their wishes on a page dedicated to the next version of WorkSpace.

A two-step rollout

First half of 2019

Thanks to the increase in staff and significant investments in the development and administration of our infrastructure, users will enjoy a completely new interface as well as numerous improvements at the start of next year.

This first phase of deployment seeks to provide immediate improvements to the WorkSpace user experience. Infomaniak and WorkSpace user account management will be simplified to enable quick changing of email accounts within the same session.

Perfectly responsive, the WorkSpace interface will be equally optimised for desktops and mobiles or tablets. In addition to much faster loading speed, substantial improvements will be made to all the WorkSpace features. Responsiveness, reliability and speed: searching and synchronising emails, calendars and contacts on all devices will become more fluid.

Second half of 2019

The deployment will then enter a second phase of successive and continuing updates. New features will thus be integrated into WorkSpace, stemming directly from the needs expressed by customers. Among these changes, we can already reveal the appearance of a new, more complete Webmail editor with new options for sorting emails or even displaying emails in conversation form.

Infomaniak Webmail is always attracting more users

With tens of thousands of users connected to WorkSpace every day, Infomaniak Webmail is increasingly attracting people who are searching for a professional and reliable alternative to competing solutions that are far less respectful of personal data and privacy.

Entirely developed and hosted in Switzerland, WorkSpace synchronises emails, contacts, calendars and SMS on all devices and facilitates information-sharing. With unlimited storage capacity, email addresses managed by Infomaniak allow you to keep all your data permanently and readily available to you. WorkSpace also allows sending of large attachments of up to 3 GB.

Benefit from using WorkSpace

All the WorkSpace advantages are included free of charge with…