We monitor the changes in our greenhouse gas emissions more and more closely. To map these emissions over time, Infomaniak is audited by an independent body, ecoLive, which is commissioned by the MyClimate foundation. Year by year, our indicators are becoming increasingly detailed, providing as exhaustive a vision as possible of the impact of our activities. To ensure complete transparency, we are keen to publish the original report. This will give you a tangible overview of our environmental commitments.

Infomaniak greenhouse gas balance 2020

“Our data is increasing accurate as our indicators become more detailed. The process is constantly developing,” explains Alexandre Patti, Energy Manager at Infomaniak. “This year, for the very first time, we take specific account of the impact of the components of the servers themselves. To better reflect the development of the company, our emissions are now presented in tonnes of emissions per employee (125 in 2020)”.

We continue to take action to reduce our ecological footprint

The report presents 360° recommendations to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. These will all be taken into consideration as we continue to make progress:

  • The roof of one of our data centers will gradually be covered with solar panels from 2022.
  • Our next data center will be incorporated into an eco-district in order to make use of the heat generated by the servers.
  • Our engineers and developers develop optimised systems (eco-design) to reduce the energy consumption involved in the processes linked to our services.

You too can contribute to Infomaniak’s ecological development

By opting for a cloud operator committed to the climate and all things living, you support a fair and sustainable economy. Do you have any ideas to help improve our approach?

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