Infomaniak is launching kSuite, a sovereign alternative to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 that’s hosted and developed in Switzerland. From CHF 1.90 / month per user, kSuite brings together all the applications for working online, communicating and collaborating in a team. The entire ecosystem can be fully customised with the customer’s own domain name and branding. 

kSuite leverages our cloud expertise to provide businesses with a secure working environment, managed and developed in the heart of Europe. Marc Oehler, Infomaniak CEO

Everything you need to collaborate in an ethical cloud

kSuite-deviceskSuite simplifies collaboration and increases business productivity without sacrificing privacy, control over one’s data and environmental protection.

With kSuite, you have access to all the Infomaniak productivity applications:

  • Mail Service, Infomaniak’s independent email service that manages more than one million professional email addresses.
  • kDrive, the sovereign and ethical cloud for storing your data and collaborating on all types of documents.
  • kChat, Infomaniak’s collaborative messaging service for companies.
  • kMeet, the built-in video conferencing application that respects your privacy.

Thanks to Custom Brand, it’s easy to customise all these applications with the domain name, logo and colours of your choice.

kSuite simplifies in-company user management and security

With its dedicated dashboard, kSuite centralises and simplifies the in-company management of users, security and data. Adrien Pedrina, Customer Support Manager

It’s never been easier to manage staff flows. Let’s imagine a new arrival: simply create a user in kSuite and add that person to your teams. The new arrival receives an invitation by email or SMS. They create their account without outside help and have immediate access to the resources they need to work (email, files, calendars, contacts, etc.). An employee involved in a new project? Simply add them to the relevant teams and they’ll automatically be granted the relevant access rights. When someone leaves the organisation, kSuite allows you to retain, delete or allocate the leaver’s resources to another user in the same way as the alternatives available on the market. Simple and effective.

Security and data management are simplified to the max: the organisation’s IT manager can check users’ security level at a glance. Thanks to extensive segmentation of access and participation rights and versioning, you retain control of your files internally and externally.

kSuite centralises the configuration of applications throughout the organisation: email signing, whitelisting, autoresponders, automatic rules, security settings, etc. The global configuration makes it easy to comply with your communication and security policy.

A competitive solution that guarantees data sovereignty

At launch, kSuite is available in 3 versions offering from 15 GB to 6 TB of storage per user. In terms of data sovereignty and ethics, kSuite offers clear and transparent guarantees:

  • Place of jurisdiction in Switzerland (data centers and software)
  • Development and hosting by Infomaniak in Switzerland
  • Infrastructure based on open source solutions such as OpenStack
  • Independent Swiss company owned by its employees
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 14001 (all certifications)

By working with kSuite, you benefit from local support that’s 100% in-house and available 7 days a week in 5 languages. A business support offer will soon be available to extend these availabilities with customised follow-up for large organisations and a dedicated contact person.

Constantly evolving

kSuite is the development project that’s involved the largest number of different teams. In all, this project represents more than 120,000 lines of code and two years of analysis and micro-increments to create the application base. Julien Viard, VP of Engineering – Cross Functional

To design kSuite, our developers first had to amend our applications to meet the constraints of eco-design and data sharing. Once the ground of the kSuite ecosystem had been laid, we then had to create new offers, new rules, new dependencies while maintaining the previous mechanics for all our existing users: this was a major cross-cutting challenge.

This major project required a new organisation for the development of the user experience, the administration interface and the synergies between the applications. Six project batches were delineated and parallelised for distribution among more than 40 developers before being combined to create kSuite.

In the coming months, kSuite users will have access to kChat, our alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams. At the same time, the development of zero-knowledge storage (kDrive safes) continues and will provide absolute confidentiality, as only you will hold the key to encrypt and decrypt your data. The synergies of the kSuite applications will evolve over time based on user feedback.

Get kSuite

New users can get kSuite now. Users already using kDrive, Mail Service or wishing to adopt kSuite without a domain name will have to wait a little longer.

The entire Infomaniak team is proud to welcome you to our new ethical cloud!

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