Your data belongs to you and to you alone. Infomaniak ensures that it stays this way by developing online tools that respect your privacy and protect your data. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of freedom. This is a principle that we will always uphold.

Your choice of cloud is important

The Big Five tech companies are competing against each other to find reassuring formulas and win the confidence of their users. But is respecting your privacy at the top of their list? The current situation tells us systematically that a substantial portion of their revenue comes from exploiting their users’ data.

It is therefore vital to ask yourself the following questions when choosing a web hosting provider to store your data:

  • How will my data and privacy be protected?
  • Where will my data be stored?
  • How will my information be processed?
  • Who will be able to view my personal data?
  • etc.

9 reasons to choose Infomaniak to store and protect your personal and business data

1. We are experts in all aspects of our field

We fully control every aspect of our services : from designing our green data centres to developing and using web solutions.

“For some, respecting privacy is a malleable concept. For Infomaniak, it is non-negotiable. We are developing our own ecosystem of online services so that we never have to compromise on our values.” Marc Oehler, CEO of Infomaniak

This allows us to deploy a range of 360° systems, specific to Infomaniak, to take care of your data.

2. Our long-standing commitment

Protecting data is an exciting, but complex task.

You can sleep soundly at night knowing that we are investing our efforts and resources into a number of areas: equipment, software, HR, law and ethics.

The dedication of our teams and our unique expertise allow us to constantly monitor threats, even the very latest threats. This is the work we have been doing for more than 25 years.

3. We are campaigning for a free, responsible and independent web

We will never compromise on our values. Informaniak is well known for its long-lasting commitment, responsible actions and ethical thinking. At Infomaniak, we cultivate and support a vision of a free, responsible and independent web. It’s in our DNA.

4. We are in the business of protecting your data, not selling it

You are our one and only interest. Infomaniak is not listed on the stock market – we are exclusively owned by our founders and employees. Everyone has been won over by the principles underpinning our extremely rigorous data confidentiality policy.

5. Your data is encrypted and replicated on our servers

Informaniak systematically encrypts your data. This data is replicated on at least two or three different physical devices depending on our services. More and more products allow you to encrypt your data using your own encryption key.

6. Confidentiality strengthened by Swiss law and the GDPR

Based in Switzerland, Infomaniak places your data outside of US and European jurisdictions. All of your data, without exception, is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. With a large European clientele, Infomaniak also meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

7. Technological independence

Infomaniak cultivates a rare independence in the cloud market. Our services are exclusively developed and hosted in Switzerland. This means that the services you are using are not subject to the Cloud Act, to the indiscretion of the Big Five tech companies or to any possible back doors.

We also contribute, at the highest possible level, to open source technologies to ensure our infrastructure works without proprietary software. Lastly, the extensive knowledge of our teams allows us to limit, to a very large extent, our outsourcing to external providers.

8. Making security accessible to the greatest number of people

All of our products are developed with this in mind: they must be powerful and intuitive whilst offering levels of security and confidentiality that surpass the usual standards.

An Infomaniak account will give you access to an ecosystem of independent online services for a competitive, fair price, which allows us to keep developing our products whilst not losing sight of our values.

9. A systematic approach to security and protecting your privacy

We document and review each and every process, every single day. This systematic, meticulous approach, designed by Infomaniak’s Data Protection Officer, detects any possible weaknesses due to new threats or technical or legal developments, for example.

We have grown up with the internet, since its very inception. In order to remain effective, we regularly call into question our competencies. This ongoing improvement process forms the basis of our work organisation. It also helps us to ensure the security and protection of your privacy and to develop our products and services.

By choosing a cloud provider that respects your privacy, you are putting your data in a safe place and supporting a free and independent web.

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