In order to minimize our environmental impact, we comply with a charter developed starting in 2007, including these commitments:

  • Purchasing only green, energy-efficient servers.
    Infomaniak replace old servers after 4 years maximum. Obsolete, energy-guzzling equipment is phased-out of the circuit so that it will not pollute when reused; it is recycled after destruction.


  • Focus on local purchases from companies with an environmental charter, environmentally-friendly certifications, products, or services.
    Infomaniak is committed to empowering its suppliers, partners, and subcontractors regarding the value of working with companies committed to the environment.


  • Recycling all consumables whether electrical, electronic, plastic, etc.
    Rechargeable batteries replace conventional batteries for all electronic equipment. Loaders, bins for recovering items at the end of life are available to employees who must practice sorting. All electrical and electronic components are recovered and recycled by Swico, a specialized vendor. Toner cartridges for printers are recovered and recycled by specialized companies. Infomaniak has renounced the use of disposable plates for meals at the office or celebrations. Disposable hand towels have been replaced by fabric rollers. Particular attention is paid to the elements and constituent materials of the walls, floors (carpet) and the overall working environment of our employees. The office cleaning crew uses biodegradable- and VOC-free (volatile organic compounds) products with the most demanding labels on the market.


  • Promoting paperless work wherever possible.
    Archiving is done exclusively electronically and without printing, using a scanner and storage and data protection software. Customers are encouraged to adopt use electronic payments and invoices received by email in PDF format. The use of paper, recycled or FSC certified, is kept to a minimum, with internal correspondence being by email. The use of traditional mail or fax takes place only when absolutely necessary.


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