The installation of our new data centre is almost complete: it will come on line between now and March 2014. More than CHF 6M has been invested in this project.
The new data centre will enable us to host new products which we will be introducing over the coming months: a new hosting solution designed to replace our previous 60+40GB shared hosting plans, new dedicated server plans, etc.
The centre will be cooled using only filtered outdoor air, via a system of air confinement in cool and hot aisles. The centreís PUE will be lower than 1.1. As far as we are aware, this will be the most environmentally friendly data centre in Switzerland!
The servers used will require no additional cooling other than filtered outdoor air, using Dell Fresh Air technology for this purpose. In summer, we can therefore let the temperature rise to 45 Celsius while in winter, we recycle the hot air given off by the servers and re-inject this into the room, avoiding the need to heat the data centre.
The aim is to continue to reduce our energy consumption (our overall reduction in energy consumption in 2013 was 4.5% compared to 2012) while still increasing operations (+10% in 2013).
We will be publishing further articles on how the centre operates and its key benefits: these will be appearing on this site over the coming weeks.