We have established an environmental charter which we are committed to on a daily basis.

These commitments include:

Green transport incentives for staff
Under this scheme, staff receive an allowance depending on their chosen mode of transport and distance travelled to work. The maximum allowance (CHF 1,500/year) is granted for staff members who commit to walking to work. Otherwise, it is reduced on a sliding scale depending on the mode of transport used.
An allowance is also granted to staff who move to within 5km of the workplace or to those wishing to purchase a bicycle.
Both conventional and electric bicycles are made available to staff, along with incentives depending on the number of miles ridden.

Encouraging public and shared transport
Infomaniak also has a company car running solely on electric power.

Minimising staff travel and fully offsetting corresponding CO2 emissions
Staff travel for work purposes is minimised and replaced by video and audio conference calls where possible.