Check out our new dedicated servers, now available featuring Dedicated Cloud technology. Our rates start at just CHF 40.- /month (35€) for: 1 CPU – 2 GB RAM – 60 GB disk space.

You may install several sites per hosting account and several hosting accounts per server. These Cloud Servers are exclusively hosted in our own data centres in Geneva.


  • your server is managed by us, meaning you do not have to worry about software and updates (Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.) or security
  • SSH access is available to your Dedicated Cloud server
  • daily backups to your hosting accounts at your disposal
  • increase the number of CPUs or amount of RAM or disk space at any moment

In the long term, you will be able to move from a shared hosting system to a Dedicated Cloud server in a single click (at present, you must organise your own migration manually).

We also offer unmanaged Dedicated Cloud servers, where we install a Linux distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc.) of your choice for you.

This latest-generation Cloud technology is soon to be offered on our standard shared hosting plans.

For more information, set up your customer account in our new control panel at: