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Site Creator is a powerful alternative to Wix developed by Infomaniak. It’s the easiest way to create a website, blog, online store or portfolio. The tool offers more than 50 professional themes and is ready to use: simply add pre-built blocks and customise them with your content. It will allow you to launch a secure, efficient and well referenced website in no time at all.

To illustrate the power and possibilities of our website creation software, this page brings together a selection of websites built entirely using Site Creator, without touching a single line of code.

1. Oouliri, local oil producer

Oouliri is an oil mill in the canton of Valais specialising in the production of high-quality oils, made from local ingredients.

Their website uses colours that highlight the brand and invites visitors to immerse themselves in their world.

The homepage recalls the colorimetric and original world of oil, while presenting the company effectively. It then leads to the different categories of the online shop. We also see that Ouliri has chosen to create several pages, some with drop-down menus and a contact page. Site Creator also allows the website to be translated into several languages (automatically only).

2. Basic, natural and ethical cosmetics

Basic Cosmetics is a Swiss brand of organic cosmetics that focuses on simple and effective formulae developed with natural ingredients, certified organic, environmentally-friendly and without animal testing, to offer sustainable and ethical products.

The website emphasises the brand’s values and plunges us directly into the world of one of its products.

Visitors can then go to a part of the online store. This will arouse their curiosity undoubtedly making them want to look at the rest of the shop. Site Creator allows you to produce dynamic content. When you visit the Basic website, you will see scrolling slogans and images moving as you browse the website or hover over the images.

3. Habit’Harmonie, workshops and coaching sessions

Habit’Harmonie is a brand providing workshops and coaching to learn how to balance your home energetically, focusing on personal well-being, releasing anxiety, pacifying relationships and developing spiritual and energetic skills.

The website immediately leads to the smiling faces of the authors: Pauline and Fabien. Putting a photo of yourself on the homepage of the website makes it easier to interact with the person you are addressing.

By scrolling through the page, we discover that it is possible to book slots for workshops, view webinars or organise individual sessions. This website therefore uses numerous modules offered by Site Creator, including team presentations, file downloads and management of a booking schedule.

4. Dioxide, financial expertise

Dioxyde is a company specialising in interim financial management, providing expertise and support during periods of transition and crisis, with services ranging from temporary replacement of a CFO or Financial Director to auditing, coaching and project management with a view to improving profitability.

A video introducing the company has been included on the home page, which can be a dynamic and effective way to showcase yourself to your audience. 

Site Creator therefore also supports audio and video formats. You can insert these as you wish on your website.

5. Frédéric de Senarclens, art advisor

Frédéric de Senarclens Art Advisory is a consulting firm specialising in modern and contemporary art, which assists private collectors in their acquisition strategy as well as the management and development of their artistic heritage.

The site of Frédéric de Senarclens is both sober and elegant. This choice is consistent with what is expected of him: stability and expertise.

The website includes a subscription form for its newsletter. Newsletters are another service Infomaniak offers Site Creator users.

6. Hugo de Paris, personalised tourist guide in Paris

Hugo Ripolles is a passionate tourist guide in Paris.

The website impresses visitors with its personal and engaging presentation. From the very homepage, it highlights his passion for the city and his expertise in history and art, creating a direct link with visitors. This personal approach, combined with detailed information on the types of tours offered, makes the website welcoming and informative, encouraging interaction and contact in order to organise guided tours.

The Hugo Guide Paris website boasts a well thought-out structure. A section dedicated to the guided tour services provides visitors with information on the options available, a gallery of images to illustrate visitor experiences, a contact form to facilitate bookings and enquiries and links to social networks to encourage involvement and the sharing of updates. Each page is designed to provide a seamless, informative and interactive user experience.

7. Laure Dussuet Photography, portrait and personal brand photographer

Laure Dussuet is a creative photographer specialising in contemporary portraits and personal brand photography.

Laure Dussuet’s website stands out for its portfolio of creative and contemporary photographs. The use of strong and representative visuals of her work from the homepage creates an immediate visual impact, effectively demonstrating her style and competence in portrait and personal brand photography. This facilitates the involvement of visitors by giving them a direct and engaging insight into her artistic expertise.

The website includes several modules available with Site Creator: a practical contact form and links to her social networks, making it easier to communicate with customers and present her portfolio. These elements combine to provide an engaging and professional user experience, reflecting Laure Dussuet’s artistic style and expertise.

8. ERRD, Organisation for the Inclusion and Integration of Migrants

ERRD-GE is an organisation dedicated to inclusion and integration, striving to promote the active participation of everyone in social, economic and cultural activities.

The website highlights the organisation’s mission and objectives from the homepage onwards. This direct and engaging message facilitates visitors’ understanding of the organisation’s purpose and commitment to migrant communities, thereby reinforcing the communication of its identity and values.

Created with Site Creator, the ERRD-GE website uses presentation modules to explain its objectives and initiatives in detail. In particular, it includes a module presenting the main actors of the organisation, offering a better understanding of the teams and their missions.

9. The World Tour, adventurers around the world in a Mercedes G-Class

“The G World Tour” is a world travel concept focussing on a passion for adventure and exploring new regions.

Patricia and Michael’s website stands out for its personal and narrative approach.

On this website, the Site Creator modules used mainly include an image gallery to show photos of their journey as well as links to social media to enable visitors to follow their journey and interact with them. The site also uses a contact form.

10. Vamp Lady, conceptual and artistic music group

Vamp Lady presents itself as an innovative musical and artistic concept offering unforgettable concert experiences with an international presence.

The site is characterised by its immersive atmosphere, inviting visitors to explore this unique world. This approach creates a sense of curiosity and engagement, encouraging visitors to discover more about the group and their shows. The combination of intriguing visuals and captivating descriptions of their music and performances reinforces Vamp Lady’s distinctive artistic identity.

The Vamp Lady website uses several Site Creator modules to create an optimal user experience. It integrates a gallery of images to visually present the group’s concept and a slider to highlight their photos. Links to their social media pages are available, making it easier to interact with their community.

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