The engineers at the IT company AO Data Cloud implemented the digital transformation of the Mossos d’Esquadra police union (SME) using Infomaniak’s Cloud Computing solutions. The project involved upgrading the SME IT infrastructure and developing its application ecosystem to support its 17,000 members in their critical public safety functions with tools ranging from news and legal standards to e-health and e-education, to name but a few.

The needs of the Mossos d’Esquadra police union (SME)

To improve the availability of services and their use by thousands of law enforcement officers, AO Data Cloud completely modernised the SME application ecosystem. This development enabled repetitive tasks to be automated in order to reduce human errors and provide a more efficient service.

The new infrastructure needed to be able to:

  • Ensure the continuous availability of services
  • Secure particularly sensitive data
  • Support millions of real-time data exchanges
  • Facilitate future technological developments

Technical challenges

  • Designing a new IT infrastructure capable of guaranteeing application availability and data security at all times.
  • Migrating critical data without disrupting critical services.

Choosing Infomaniak

According to David Areales, CEO and CTO at AO Data Cloud:

Infomaniak allows us to benefit from a robust, high-quality cloud infrastructure with guarantees of availability that we don’t have with other Public Cloud providers.

Our engineers are looking for the greatest possible autonomy, and flexibility is one of the strengths of Infomaniak’s Public Cloud.

When deploying critical infrastructures, Infomaniak offers security and data control guarantees throughout the entire processing chain.

With premium support, the Infomaniak team has the ability to adapt to our requests and any problems encountered by providing answers and proposals that are perfectly tailored to our needs.

Implementing Cloud Computing solutions

1. Creating a new infrastructure in the Infomaniak Public Cloud

To implement the new digital ecosystem of the Mossos d’Esquadra police union, the AO Data Cloud team chose the latest technologies such as CodeIgniter, React, and React Native. The original configuration was a single server at OVH with no guarantee of availability.

To create a new redundant and secure IT infrastructure, the engineers provisioned resources directly from the Infomaniak (IaaS) platform in order to deploy:

  • Multiple servers spread over multiple zones to increase tolerance for incidents
  • Two load balancers distributed per cycle
  • Three redundant web front servers
  • Two MySQL high-availability database servers
  • A built-in firewall for each server

The infrastructure is optimised for resilience and high loads through the use of LiteSpeed, which replaces Apache to handle requests more efficiently. Memcached + Object Cache reduces response times and database load. MySQL Cluster ensures high availability and redundancy of databases.

Once the infrastructure was deployed, AO Data Cloud engineers simulated different workloads to assess performance across different processes relating to a critical infrastructure.

2. Seamless migration of services with Jelastic Cloud

A complex point in the EMS specifications was to maintain continuity of services throughout all phases of the project. All data was considered critical and the process involved multiple data transfers (highly CPU/RAM resource-intensive) to be carried out in parallel. As a result, AO Data Cloud engineers had to create a tailor-made migration environment.

For this phase, the Jelastic Cloud platform (PaaS) offered support by providing a vertically and horizontally scalable infrastructure on demand automatically. Thanks to this solution, the engineers were able to plan multiple migration processes in parallel in order to limit the migration time to an absolute minimum.

As with the implementation of the new infrastructure in the Infomaniak Public Cloud, the AO Data Cloud team first tested the migration environment with different workloads to validate the method and the reliability of the infrastructure.

The result: deployment of a redundant, high-availability cloud infrastructure

The Infomaniak infrastructure guarantees high availability in terms of the network layer (4×10 GB), storage (x3 replica) and virtualisation, with which it is possible to offer an excellent service to all users and an availability of 99.99%.

David Areales, CEO and CTO of AO Data Cloud

AO Data Cloud was able to deploy an infrastructure adapted to the modernisation of the services of the Mossos d’Esquadra police union (SME). The SME has moved from an ageing configuration with a single server without guaranteed availability to a high availability infrastructure guaranteeing a high level of security and confidentiality.

The other imperative of performing a secure migration without any service interruption was achieved without difficulty thanks to the easy implementation of a temporary migration environment in Jelastic Cloud.

I would like to emphasise Infomaniak’s high-quality, local service ensuring outstanding availability of their technical teams. This is an overriding success factor in all the projects we undertake for our clients.

David Areales, CEO and CTO of AO Data Cloud

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