RGOODS develops virtuous online shops for non-profit associations such as Amnesty International France, Handicap International and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The promise: every purchase made is responsible and mutually supportive. This activity attracts hundreds of thousands of users at key times. To ensure that operations run smoothly and provide ethical guarantees, RGOODS relies on Infomaniak’s cloud solutions.

Challenges: performance, safety and ethics

  • Incorporating environmental and ethical guarantees for the IT needs of RGOODS and NGOs.
  • Ensuring the continuous availability of online shops with strong peaks in visitors.
  • Delegating the management of cloud services to a trusted operator accessible to a small development team.

RGOODS: a responsible e-commerce ecosystem as an alternative to traditional donations

The founders of RGOODS are experienced e-commerce professionals who have raised funds totalling several million euros. Big names in associations trust RGOODS, which is currently developing 50 new shops:

Created with the former management team of Expedia Europe, RGOODS brings its know-how to bear along the entire chain: sourcing eco-designed and European-made products, creating white-label stores with social media integration, storing, preparing and sending orders, after-sales service and collaborating with brands, artists and influencers. RGOODS builds a network of suppliers with consistent ecological and ethical commitments.

The independent action of NGOs is highly dependent on donations. Their online shops allow them to increase and diversify their sources of income. They are also a valuable point of contact for recruiting new donor profiles.

Infomaniak, the cloud that combines performance and ethics

Ethical and sustainable cloud solutions in line with the values of humanitarian NGOs

Infomaniak came up as soon as we started asking our network. We were immediately impressed by their CSR approach. Our first impressions were confirmed by the professionalism and accessibility of their teams. Antoine Martel, Co-Founder of RGOODS

In our search for a service provider, Infomaniak quickly established itself as the ethical and ecological IT benchmark on the European cloud market.

It boasts a set of certifications that are far from easy to obtain:

  • ISO 14001: Environmental management
  • ISO 50001: Energy management
  • ISO 27001: Safety management
  • ISO 9001: Quality management

As well as an ecological approach, which impressed us a lot:

  • A 100% renewable energy supply
  • Data centers cooled without air conditioning and a new project that will fully recover the energy used in order to heat homes
  • The upgrade of its existing servers for up to 15 years
  • Offsetting 200% of its CO2 emissions!
  • Development of its own solar power systems
  • The use, whenever possible, of made-in-Europe components

Infomaniak is also an independent company that is a member of organisations committed to an ecological and social economy, such as the Swiss Federation of Business and the Après-GE Chamber of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

2. Flexible and scalable solutions with a high level of security

For RGOODS, Infomaniak is a “no brainer.” Throughout my career since 1999, it has been a rare event to get through a single year without a major technical Web Hosting glitch. We’ve been working with Infomaniak for a year and a half and we’ve never had a single problem. I’m really impressed by the reliability of their cloud solutions. Antoine Martel, Co-Founder of RGOODS

We’ve opted for cloud services completely managed by Infomaniak in order to handle our servers easily according to seasonal considerations and peak loads. This is the case, for example, when we run email campaigns that generate a lot of traffic on the stores we run.

  • Our team can increase the resources of our servers at any time, for example by quickly adding 30 CPUs for a few days.
  • Our servers are automatically backed up and automatic recovery is very useful for a small team like ours.
  • Server security and updates are managed by Infomaniak, which allows us to focus entirely on our customers” projects.

What’s more, the sites we develop are eco-designed with as light a front-end as possible. To enable instant loading of our online shops, we carefully optimise them and implement solutions for caching static content with a CDN.

3. Effective support and intuitive interfaces

By calling Infomaniak’s support team, we can immediately speak to a specialist who understands what we need. I don’t have to move up to level 2 or level 3 to get a quality answer. It’s a huge time-saving. Antoine Martel, Co-Founder of RGOODS

It’s immediately obvious that Infomaniak is working hard on its interfaces and user experience. We can quickly change the configuration of our services and easily deploy the technologies and apps we need. For sites that do not require guaranteed resources, we also use shared hosting solutions that already offer a great deal of power and flexibility.