Infomaniak is expanding its range of cloud services with highly advantageous Lite virtual private servers. Designed for developers, small businesses and students, the VPS Lite is a cost-effective and scalable solution to deploy a Windows or Linux server easily, create test environments and host simple websites or web applications.

Cost-effective preconfigured cloud resources

Ideal for launching a simple web application, creating an application for a small business or deploying a test environment, VPS Lite is the most cost-effective way to create an unmanaged server with preconfigured resources.

Competitive compared to Amazon Lightsail, this new service offers many turnkey benefits:

  • Multiple scalable packages of guaranteed cloud resources (AMD EPYC processors, NVMe storage, etc.)
  • Wide choice of Linux distributions and Windows versions
  • Unlimited traffic with 500 Mb/s bandwidth
  • Integrated firewall with DDoS protection
  • Monthly or annual flat-rate billing

Easy to use, secure and scalable

A VPS Lite is ready in a few seconds: simply choose the right resource package for your needs and choose the Linux or Windows distribution to deploy in order to start working.

With Linux, you can connect to your server via a VNC console or via SSH for total control. With Windows, the connection to the server is established via the RDP protocol and the Remote Desktop application. The Administrator account is configured directly when ordering the VPS. Infomaniak takes care of your Microsoft licences if you opt for Windows Server.

You can increase the resources of your instance at any time or upgrade your offering to a VPS Cloud to unlock additional benefits such as better bandwidth, snapshot management and a service level agreement (SLA).

Choosing the right cloud solution for your needs

This new service expands Infomaniak’s range of unmanaged cloud services:

  • VPS Lite: quickly deploy a Windows/Linux server with preconfigured and highly advantageous resources.
  • VPS Cloud: unlock the full power of your Windows/Linux server with more guarantees and flexibility.
  • Public Cloud (IaaS): design your own cloud infrastructure with scalable instances and your own network configuration. It is the most advantageous solution, but it requires more skills.
  • Jelastic Cloud (PaaS): deploy dynamic environments with the technologies of your choice without having to worry about operating system management.
  • Very high availability hosting: create a multi-data-center infrastructure with personalised support and tailor-made SLAs.