Infomaniak is renowned for the quality of its products and the quality of its support. This is the strength of our local roots: we share the interests of our clients. We are physically close to the local traders, local SMEs and large organisations that use our products. This allows us to fully understand their needs. From the very beginning, we have placed support at the heart of our priorities in order to provide our customers with a quality service. Our CEO has been working on it for years. A successful gamble, because we achieved a satisfaction rate of 4.7/5, a result that is constantly improving. Our recipe? The answer is in this article!

The choice of listening

A happy user rarely asks for support.

Adrien Pedrina, Co-Head of Infomaniak Support

Here’s our basic principle: if a customer contacts the support team, we can probably improve something:

  • When a user asks questions about the use of a product, it potentially means that our guides aren’t clear enough.
  • If a customer contacts us because they encounter a problem with a product, we have to fix the problem for them, but also for all other users.

Listening is essential to understand the user’s approach, the context and the exact reason for contacting us and to correct any problems with our products.

One of our advantages is the structure of our premises: Infomaniak’s support agents, engineers and developers work under the same roof, so they can easily interact and exchange ideas. It’s quick and easy to get an expert’s opinion.

“Listening”: this means that customer feedback takes priority.

Each development and new product is systematically validated by the support team, which relays the opinions of our customers in product meetings. This feedback is given priority. This mindset is supported at all levels of Infomaniak, from management to project coordinators and developers.

A focus on caring

Each to their own. Our clients can be craftsmen, lawyers, farmers, shopkeepers, doctors, etc. What they all have in common is that they all choose Infomaniak to make IT easy to use. The support team is there to accompany them when they need it.

Nowadays, the quality of interactions with corporate customer support is falling. Infomaniak has chosen to buck this trend by making support a priority and not relocating it abroad.

Adrien Pedrina, Co-Head of Infomaniak Support

We take the time to accompany our users, whatever their skill level, regardless of whether they have a paid support offer or not. Our agents live the same day-to-day lives and share the same stories as our customers. Anecdotes emerge. Bonds are forged. This special relationship with our customers has always existed. We even receive regular calls on matters outside our area of competence.

Caring makes you more effective, it is contagious and relaxes the atmosphere. With us, users know they are in safe hands. Regulars know that, if necessary, they will speak to a support agent within 10 minutes to solve their problem.

The support team is used to carrying out a thorough follow-up on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the level of urgency, we even get back to customers several weeks later to announce the integration of a new feature, the “nice to have” they wanted during their call. This kind of interaction simply doesn’t exist with classic editors like Microsoft or Google.

The care provided by the support team reflects Infomaniak’s priorities and the commitment to quality that we invest in the customer experience.

Yoann Lopez, Co-Head of Infomaniak Support

The challenge of efficiency

Having 100% local support in Switzerland is rare enough to underline this. To remain competitive without relocating, efficiency is paramount. We regularly challenge our processes to ensure that support capabilities are synchronised with the growing number of our users.

In 2022, the support team handled over 90 calls per hour for a total of 75 hours. In 2023, these 75 hours fell to 5.

Continuous improvements to UX/UI alone account for more than 40% of the support team’s load savings, as users have fewer reasons to call us.

Yoann Lopez, Co-Head of Infomaniak Support

Since 2022, the company’s development has been accompanied by a change in the management of the support department, while maintaining the same objective:

In order to keep pace with our growth, we are looking more than ever to make our products easy, reliable and enjoyable to use.

Adrien Pedrina, Co-Head of Infomaniak Support

With the increase in the number of companies migrating their services to Infomaniak, we have created Premium Support. It provides essential guarantees for companies:

  • a guaranteed response time
  • personalised monitoring with an account manager
  • monthly tailored support from a cloud expert
  • direct contact with a specialist and via videoconference if required
  • 24/7 on-call service

In order to constantly improve our efficiency, we address problems at the root:

  • Agents respond quickly to specific customer requests
  • Identified areas of improvement are fed back to the developers
  • Improvements are deployed quickly

On the one hand, support agents communicate customer feedback to developers for any enhancements to the user experience or product interface. On the other hand, developers look to agents for accurate data on technical incidents, logs or steps to replicate a bug.

The performance of our support agents is no longer assessed in terms of the number of daily tickets, but in terms of relevance and the quality of the returns.

We want our agents to work only on the important things: solving customers’ problems and then providing substantial feedback to improve our solutions quickly.

Matteo Di Maglie, Co-Head of Infomaniak Support

Efficiency also depends on high-performance business tools that we develop in-house:

    • Our tools automatically notify users in the event of a particular event (maintenance, disruptions, etc.) with targeted messages broadcast via their admin console and our telephone switchboard. Customers have all the information they need, which reduces repeated requests for support.
    • Automation makes it possible to block fraudulent links in phishing emails quickly thanks to a feature integrated directly into the Mail Service.
    • We are automating the registration procedures for our free student hosting offer, leaving only the final validation to the support team.

Finally, in order to respond as efficiently as possible to the requests of our customers in German-speaking Switzerland, we have chosen to locate part of our support team in Winterthur.

Providing high-quality support: the challenges ahead

In a support department, the risk of error is proportional to the human commitment. At Infomaniak, interactions with users are authentic.

Our rationale is the opposite of so-called “scenario” support services, which take good care of the customer without for all that looking for an immediate solution, which can be very frustrating. Providing comprehensive care is much more complex than transferring tickets from one department to another by diluting the involvement of each agent in the collective. Our agents provide L1 and L2 levels of support to solve the majority of problems before hanging up with the customer.

We are now training some agents to take the proficiency to an advanced level L2.5 to speed up problem solving.

Matteo Di Maglie, Co-Head of Infomaniak Support

The support agents are ambassadors. To do this job, they have to “reset themselves” at every interaction to keep smiling and remain empathetic with every contact. The stress of the first customer should impact neither the quality of the agent’s response nor the next customer.

Infomaniak’s support requires both technical skills and soft skills: having a smile is as much a part of the solution as technical competence.

Adrien Pedrina, Co-Head of Infomaniak Support

Another major challenge is to guarantee the quality of the work of our agents, including well-being at work. We provide agents with the tools they need to feel comfortable doing their jobs: time to recharge their batteries and clear their head, play areas for relaxing during breaks, Infomaniak’s most attractive offices, etc.

This work requires a lot of energy, precision and concentration throughout the day. Some people have been with us for more than 10 years and therefore have an in-depth knowledge of the products. Others are part-time students. Having a variety of profiles allows them to take a step back, share different experiences and benefit from new perspectives.

At Infomaniak, the work of a support agent is highly valued and has a direct impact on several areas of the company. Agents’ opinions count, because they listen to our customers on a daily basis.

Marc Oehler, CEO of Infomaniak