Email is at the heart of our digital life, or in other words, of our life. So when it comes to managing and protecting your digital presence, it’s worth making sure you’re getting the very best, day in and day out. If you want to create your own free email address for personal or business use while benefiting from a range of privacy-enhancing features at the same time, this article’s for you.

At Infomaniak, we provide a free email address for each Domain Name we manage for you. All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is to reserve or transfer a domain to Infomaniak – and you can do it at a great price, too. You can also create a 100% free email address such as, or with 20 GB of storage.

Our business model is based on the sale of our paid solutions. We do not use or resell the our customers’ data to third parties, and the personal data that is required to register for a free account is collected strictly for authentication and security purposes. Johann Laqua, Data Protection Officer at Infomaniak

The best independent webmail on the market, free and with your domain

Reliability, unlimited storage, control of your data: discover the benchmark Swiss webmail. At Infomaniak, every Domain Name includes an email address that allows you to synchronise your contacts and calendars across your devices (computers, Android and iOS mobiles).

By creating your free email address with a Domain Name with Infomaniak, you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • unlimited storage space
  • synchronisation of appointments and contacts on your devices
  • filtering of ads and viruses
  • filtering of messages from social media
  • sending and receiving large attachments (200 MB in IMAP and 3 GB via webmail)

And there’s more:

  • total privacy
  • no advertising
  • emails hosted in Switzerland by an independent company
  • carbon-neutral hosting
  • total control of your data

Webmail from Infomaniak is constantly evolving, making it a genuine alternative to Gmail.

Of course, you can check your emails at any time on any device:

  • A free mobile app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets: Infomaniak Mail This app also works on new Mac M1/M2 (Apple silicon processors).
  • On a PC (Windows/Linux) or Mac, the webmail is the easiest solution for managing your emails, contacts and appointments. The Mail Service is also compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird, eM Client and common email software.

A free, ad-free email address that respects your privacy

Creating an email address with your own Domain Name has a number of advantages.

By being the manager of your domain and your email hosting:

  • you are not dependent on any free email service of which “you are the product” (e.g.: Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).
  • you retain complete control over your data. your email correspondence is not accessed by any institution or marketing company and you are not subject to any unwanted service interruptions or limitations.
  • Your email address is fully customisable, making it the perfect way of showing your professional approach to your business or creating a private email address.

you can choose the ideal address format for you. Options include:


The possibilities for creating the perfect email address are almost endless. Infomaniak offers more than 500 domain extensions at sustainably competitive prices (not just in the first year). Infomaniak offers the main extensions (.com, .fr, .be, .ch, .net, etc.) at the best prices on the market.

Need help choosing the perfect Domain Name?

Choosing your domain is an important issue. Feel free to take a look at our guide, which is designed to help you choose the right Domain Name for you. It will tell you everything you need to know to find the perfect Domain Name.

How do you create your free email address with your domain?

Creating a single email address

If you only need one email address, all you need is a simple Domain Name purchased with or managed by Infomaniak. Only the annual rental of your Domain Name, at a very attractive price, will need to be factored into your budget in order to benefit from a free email address.

When placing your order, choose 1 free email address (Starter) at the bottom of the list.

Then simply access the management of your Domain Name via your Infomaniak account (Manager) and select Connect a service, then click on Create an email address.

And there you go, your email is ready to use. All you have to do is download Infomaniak Mail to your mobile phone and add to your favourites!

Creating more than one email address

If you want to create several email addresses, the easiest way is to opt for our ethical collaborative suite, kSuite, an independent alternative to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 which is entirely hosted and developed in Switzerland. Very competitive, kSuite brings together all the apps for working online, communicating and collaborating in a team. The entire ecosystem can be personalised with your own domain name.

How do I retrieve my existing emails, appointments and contacts?

Retrieving emails and folders from an old email address

It’s easy to switch from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. to Infomaniak.

Thanks to an automated wizard, you can transfer all your messages to your new email address.

This service is free and will copy all your folders into your new mailbox. Gmail labels will also be transferred as folders.


All you have to do to copy the entire contents of your previous mailbox to your new one is to visit this page and follow the instructions. If you have several email addresses to migrate, the wizard can also handle them all at once with a CSV file.

Retrieve your contacts and calendars

Contacts from your old email address can easily be imported via

You will find more information about the import process in this guide.

With, you can also import your calendars. Simply export your current calendar to a *.ics file and import it directly into Calendar, as explained in this guide.

Synchronising your contacts and calendars on your devices

Infomaniak synchronises your emails, contacts and calendars between all your devices thanks to the CardDAV and CalDAV protocols.

On Windows, macOS and Linux, you can use the wizard.


On mobile devices, the easiest way is to download the free Infomaniak Mail app.

Change your digital life

By creating your Infomaniak email address, you’ll be taking a big step towards a digital universe in which you have total control over your data. You are also assured of access to constantly improving tools in order to take advantage of the latest advances, such as Artificial Intelligence, to write and reply to your emails automatically.

Every product you order from Infomaniak also unlocks free credit that you can use to access more tools within our ecosystem, such as:

  • Guest Manager, for organising and managing invitations to your events (opening ceremonies, away-days, conferences, etc.)
  • The newsletter tool, for sending professional email campaigns easily