From left to right: Antonio Hodgers (State Councillor), Boris Siegenthaler (CEO of Infomaniak), Alexandre Patti (Head of Sustainable Development at Infomaniak), Michel Balestra (Chairman of the Board of Directors of SIG), Christian Brunier (Director General of SIG).

Infomaniak has been awarded the 2016 Ambition Négawatt Trophy. This prize rewards our commitment to the environment and our 20.7% reduction in electricity consumption in 2016. This energy saving represents the annual consumption of 168 homes.

Boris Siegenthaler, CEO and founder of Infomaniak, is extremely proud of this achievement: “this prize is a reward for our commitment to responsible development. Infomaniak is a company that wants to make a difference and which subscribes to a sustainable and environmentally responsible economy“. Alexandre Patti, head of sustainable development for the company, added that “in order to survive, we have to live with and respect one another. In the long term, only companies who care about their impact on others will remain on the market.”

An 18% growth in servers and a 20.7% reduction in our electricity consumption

To achieve this performance, we replace our servers every four years for more powerful and less energy-greedy models. At the same time, we are permanently improving the ventilation of our datacentres, which are only cooled by outside air, without air-conditioning.

Fully controlling our datacentres allows us to reduce our electricity consumption by 20.7% while increasing the number of servers by 18% and the number of processor cores by 25%.

Being a part of tomorrow’s economy

The reduction in our electricity consumption is part of our environmental approach which was already rewarded in 2015 by the Sustainable development prize. Infomaniak is striving toward a flagship policy in the field of responsible development by putting several actions in place.


  • Only uses certified renewable energy
  • Is affiliated to a sustainable and ethical pension fund
  • Is ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 50001 (energy management) certified
  • Awards a prize to its partners who adopt an environmentally-friendly means of transport
  • Returns 1% of the turnover from all its orders
  • Offsets all of its CO2 emissions by supporting projects directed by the MyClimate foundation

Through all of these actions, our goal is to offer our consumers the possibility of making a difference, of choosing an environmentally-friendly hosting service provider which promotes the development of a sustainable and environmentally-responsible economy.