As protecting the environment is in our DNA, it is no surprise that we are participating in the BIKE TO WORK campaign for the 7th year running. In 2015, the participants rode nearly 9 million km and saved 1,581,053 kg of CO2.

BIKE TO WORK takes place from 2 May to 30 June 2016. Its aim is to ensure that the largest number of commuters possible are seduced by the bike, a practical, environmentally-friendly and healthy means of transport.  This year, over a third of our partners are participating in the programme.  In total, 1,655 companies with over 52,000 employees are taking part.

We encourage healthy habits and reward our partners for their physical exertions and pollution-free journeys with a prize of up to CHF 1,500.-. This prize is in keeping with our environmental protection policy, which is anchored in our ecological charter.

The soft mobility of our staff is improving every year*:

  • Our employees have decreased their car journeys (by an average of 20% km less)
  • An 82% increase in the number of km travelled by bus by our partners
  • The use of the bike, a means of transport used a lot at Infomaniak, has increased by 2%

*figures from 2015 compared to 2014

ISO standards also support our environmental commitment. Infomaniak is ISO 5001 et ISO 1400 certified, real gauges of quality and safety which guarantee responsible environmental development.

Our ecological charter and our participation in BIKE TO WORK once again support the commitment of our employees to the environment and to an increasingly green life style.

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