By offsetting all of its CO2 emissions since 2007, Infomaniak has become a carbon neutral company. In the face of the climate emergency and bearing in mind that the advances in this field are insufficient, Infomaniak seeks to remember that it is important to redouble our efforts, because it is too late for every company to simply limit offsetting CO2 emissions to 100%. By increasing the offsetting of its carbon dioxide emissions to 200% through local projects with high environmental value, Infomaniak seeks to demonstrate that companies can maintain strong growth while contributing in a significant way to the preservation of the environment.

This commitment was sealed in 2017 by a substantial contribution to the forest reserve enhancement project in the canton of Jura. Certified by the Myclimate Foundation, this contribution offsets double the CO2 emissions associated with all Infomaniak activities.

Acting locally for sustainable development

Although the impact of greenhouse gas emissions knows no boundaries, we think it makes sense to offset them where they are emitted even if the cost is three times higher than in developing countries.

By supporting climate protection projects in our company’s region, our intention is to offset our emissions here where we are actually producing them: in Switzerland in the heart of Europe. Boris Siegenthaler, CEO of Infomaniak

Creating a carbon sink and favouring biodiversity

Located in Vallon de Soulce in the Jura community of Undervelier, the climate compensation project supported by Infomaniak protects a forest reserve dating from the Jurassic period. It involves refusing to use the wood from the reserve, instead creating a biomass and storing CO2, thus reducing its concentration in the air.

In addition to the immediate benefits for the environment, preserving this real carbon sink offers strong potential because it promises to double the reduction of carbon gas by 2040. As an additional advantage, the forest preserved like this stimulates biodiversity by providing a natural habitat for threatened animal species including the lynx.

A company that is both environmentally responsible and profitable

Infomaniak has historically offset all of its CO2 emissions for 10 years. As of 2017, this commitment has reached 200%. Thanks to this approach, Infomaniak covers the emission of 423 tonnes of CO2 for an actual annual footprint of 211t. This reduced quantity of emissions is only made possible by scrupulous observation of 17 commitments favouring the environment. These commitments are extended by ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications which define the very highest requirements in terms of environmental and energy management.

Infomaniak acts at all levels to minimise its ecological impact. The Swiss hosting service thus favours environmentally-friendly transport for its employees and exclusively uses certified renewable energy in addition to having one of the most environmentally-friendly datacentres in the world.

Regularly recognised with prizes and awards, Infomaniak’s responsible approach is confirmed as an indisputable asset for its business because the company has experienced a linear growth rate since its creation in 1994.

Raising awareness of political officials

Offsetting carbon gas emissions is a link in a chain of ambitious social and environmental responsibility that Infomaniak actively promotes. Preserving the environment for current and future generations is an issue that goes well beyond the company framework and is part of a collective approach. By offsetting 200% of its CO2 emissions, Infomaniak intends to demonstrate particularly to political officials that SMEs with over 50 employees can easily take measures that are favourable to the economy and actively contribute to the preservation of the environment.