As a green host, protecting the environment is at the heart of our concerns at Infomaniak: environmentally-friendly datacenters, CO2 emissions offsets, responsible purchasing policy, ethical pension fund, etc. Commitments applied on a daily basis that are firmly anchored in our environmental charter .

Since 2007, we have had a mobility plan that encourages soft mobility for our employees The objective is to favor commuting–in order of importance–on foot, by bicycle, public transport, electrical vehicle, or carpool.

The physical efforts by employees and low-pollution commuting are therefore rewarded by an annual bonus of up to 1500 CHF. It is granted to each employee based on the means of transport used. We even offer our employees a change to participate financially in the purchase of an electric bicycle. In fact, this is an advance on the mobility bonus, a moral contract between Infomaniak and our employee who commits to using this mode of transport.

Strong growth of soft mobility

Starting in 2014, this mobility plan was the subject of measures to better target the improvements to be made in collaboration with our employees. In 2015, soft mobility thus made significant gains over the previous year.

  • Employees traveled 20% less mileage by car
  • The mileage traveled by bus jumped by 82%
  • The mileage traveled by bike grew by 2%, because the bicycle is already used by company employees

So all employees overall are improving their health on a daily basis in favor of the environment. The RTS program Toutes Taxes Comprises (Including Taxes) has already discussed this mobility plan as well as our social responsibility. (the subjet starts at 9:23).