It is more and more common to save and access to one’s data on the move from a smartphone, a tablet or computer. iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive are examples of Cloud services that allow you to do this, but a growing number of people are deciding to create their own Cloud in order to control their personal data.

Why create your own personal Cloud?

By entrusting your personal data to a company based abroad, you may be subject to special conditions as well as to the jurisdiction of the country concerned.

The storage space available with free services is often insufficient to store all one’s data, and then you must subscribe in order to take advantage of the full service.

By creating your personal Cloud, you control your data, you choose what country your data is hosted in, and you get a complete and flexible service based on your needs. The disadvantage is that you need to know how to install and maintain your personal Cloud yourself.

ownCloud: the free alternative to proprietary Cloud solutions

ownCloud is the free software most frequently used to create a personal Cloud. In particular it lets you:

  • Sync your files between various computers
  • Encrypt your data
  • Share files
  • Manage and sync your contacts and calendars
  • View your photos and listen to your Music on the go
  • to learn more

ownCloud also offers the possibility of installing apps to enrich your basic features according to your needs.

Installing ownCloud on an Infomaniak Web Hosting

Unlike other hosting services, Infomaniak allows the use of ownCloud on its hostings:

As shown in the following video, installing ownCloud takes only a few seconds:

Thanks to free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt, you can also easily strengthen the security of your personal Cloud:

All Infomaniak Web hostings offer 100 GB of SSD space which can be expanded according to your needs.

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