This article is old and may contain outdated information. Some objectives may have been cancelled or postponed, depending on the priorities and needs of our customers.

In 2021, we launched Infomaniak Public Cloud, an independent alternative to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. The launch of our free email and storage offer attracted a number of new users in Europe. The Infomaniak ecosystem has been extended to include new interactions and we have also initiated the development of an independent and privacy-friendly AI. In 2022, our aim is to focus on the user experience concerning our existing products and to develop our corporate services. The programme of forthcoming developments is rich and varied and we have a number of pleasant surprises in store for you!

New corporate services

Infomaniak Suite: a unified and scalable all-in-one offer

This cloud-based productivity suite will include the Infomaniak online tools (kDrive, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, kMeet, etc.) together with new functions intended for companies:

  • Centralisation of user and team management
  • Unified parameters per product (security, statistics, preferences, etc.)
  • New functions to facilitate rights and sharing management
  • Invitation system for employees joining an organisation

Companies will benefit from a unified solution enabling them to centralise all their data, work together in real time, communicate and save their work in a secure location managed from A to Z in Switzerland by an independent company. They will be constantly updated.

Infomaniak partners and resellers: greater flexibility and control

Our partners programme will be improved across the board to simplify the purchase, management and deployment of the products. Our partners will soon be able to connect customer accounts to their partner account with specific rights, for example to order products on their behalf. It will be possible to choose between remuneration in the form of discounts or cashbacks. We will also redesign the tendering platform and the directory of partners to make them more dynamic.

Corporate support

Support is and will remain one of Infomaniak’s key strengths. Companies requiring accompaniment and priority support with a single contact point will benefit from dedicated assistance with tailor-made services.

Forthcoming developments

We want to continue developing the services best suited to your corporate needs. To do this, we register your requests and feedback on our dedicated pages in order to prioritise the development of Infomaniak’s services.

Web hostings

This year, we will deploy the new infrastructure which will facilitate the arrival of new web hosting services from 2023:

  • basic or personalised back-up
  • more flexible adjustment of resources
  • test and staging environments
  • improved security level management
  • improved statistics
  • activation of DevOps tools for continuous integration
  • technologies on request (Node.js, Python, Ruby, MariaDB, Postgre, MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis, etc.)

All existing customers will benefit from this new platform, including if you order a new web hosting in 2022.


The kDrive public API is arriving shortly

Developers will very soon be able to create advanced interactions between kDrive and their applications via our API, such as:

  • creating their own management interface
  • automating group or simultaneous actions
  • adding kDrive as a storage location in external apps
  • and so on.

Almost everything that can be done via the web interface will be possible via API, thereby opening numerous possibilities and integrations.

AI, OCR and content indexing

Launched in 2021, our artificial intelligence will gradually be integrated into the webmail and kDrive. It will introduce functions such as smart labelling of files, OCR in images and file content indexing.

Indexing will be deactivated as standard and your activation will be required to authorise our script used to review the files on your kDrive. You will therefore keep control of the confidentiality aspect. We are also working on the management and notification of comments for collaboration.

Total review of the application for Windows, macOS and Linux

This new technological platform is essential in order to integrate the forthcoming functions and enhance the general performances of the app, the Lite Sync (soon), and the user interface (at a later date).

A time machine integrated into kDrive

We have received feedback from numerous users concerning the accidental deletion or modification of files. The “Time Machine” function will facilitate roll-back to restore the state of a kDrive to a previous state. This function will enhance the protection of your data with regard to the crypto-locking threats of ransomware, for example returning to an unencrypted version of the files.

Zero knowledge storage with safes

kDrive will offer total confidentiality with the arrival of the safes. As holder of the key allowing your data to be encrypted and decrypted, you will have sole responsibility for access to your data.

By using these encrypted data, Infomaniak will never be able to access your files even in the event of a request from a judge, for example. On these grounds, certain productivity functions, such as indexing or search will necessarily be deactivated. However, this ultimate security will not be implemented to the detriment of collaboration 😉

Discover our kDrive storage service.

Infomaniak webmail will continue to evolve

We will meet the demands of the companies and add the following productivity functions:

  • programmable mailing
  • the possibility of “snoozing” or recalling a message
  • enhanced search function that is even quicker and more powerful
  • the possibility of adding attachments to the events
  • mail sorting and organisation with labels
  • a translation tool integrated into the webmail
  • assisted appointment scheduling
  • management of meeting rooms

Our goal is for you to no longer need to install a software package to manager your communications and your schedule. Everything must be accessible online without for all that compromising your productivity.

A dedicated mobile app for emails

We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the email application, scheduled for this year! The kAuth app for double authentication will also be revised from top to bottom in order to simplify its use. All these developments will systematically appear first on iOS and subsequently on Android.


Our free, unlimited video-conferencing solution recently incorporated the possibility of creating separate meeting rooms. You can also initiate reactions or surveys during a video-conference. This year, we will continue to develop the service and enhance the reliability and quality of the communications.

Discover kMeet.

IaaS Public Cloud

Since it was launched, the Public Cloud has proved its reliability and continues to evolve:

  • Instances of up to 64 CPU and 256 GB of RAM (already available)
  • GPU Nvidia A100 (for AI search)
  • integrated management of Microsoft Windows licences
  • New OpenStack modules (Designates, Magnum and Manila)
  • Deployment of the Public API of the product

The companies which use Windows Server will easily be able to migrate to Infomaniak and make considerable savings while strengthening the sovereignty of their data. Finally, we will improve resource management via a cost explorer and dynamic alerts.

Discover Infomaniak Public Cloud.

Swiss Backup

Swiss Backup is used extensively by companies and IT officers will soon be able to have an overview of their entire IT park with Acronis to check if Windows or the antivirus programs are up-to-date or even to take remote control of the workstations.

The public API of the product will soon be available to developers who will be able to connect Swiss Backup to their own solutions easily. This development will also make it possible to create personalised backup plans for web hostings.

Discover Infomaniak’s cloud backup solution.

Infomaniak ticketing system

Even if you do not yet have a website, you will easily be able to broadcast events and sell tickets. The Infomaniak events portal will group together all the events driven by the Infomaniak ticketing service via an attractive interface that you can disseminate and share on social media and in your communications.

The room plans and mobile cash registers will also be revised and eagerly awaited new functions are also scheduled for introduction:

  • the sale of gift vouchers
  • the sales of goodies
  • open pricing

Discover the Infomaniak online ticketing service.

VOD/AOD ( and podcast storage)

The public API of the product has recently been made available to developers who can now design their own content management systems. For example, it is possible to upload then directly manage your media within your applications without calling on several external tools. The API will benefit from constant developments according to your feedback and with a view to incorporating new possibilities.

The following developments are also scheduled:

  • Suggestion of similar content in the Infomaniak player
  • Media subdivision via the Infomaniak manager
  • Embedding of a logo in videos (watermark)
  • Update and improvement of the WordPress plugin
  • New interactions with the radio and video streaming service

Discover the Infomaniak video/audio on request platform.

Radio streaming

The major product development will be the complete overhaul of the product in the manager.

The following developments are also scheduled:

  • Deployment of the public API, as for our other products
  • Complete and integrated HLS support (already available on request)
  • Integration of audio transcoding to automate the generation of different quality audio flows, codecs and bitrate.
  • AutoDJ function to create a genuine radio streaming channel directly from files stored on the platform, without using an encoder upstream.

Newsletter tool

The newsletter tool requires a complete revision to incorporate the new functions requested by the users. This in-depth rewriting will begin at the end of 2022.

Your needs and your satisfaction are our priority

Once again this year, our teams will surpass themselves. With a sustained effort and a constantly increasing number of staff, our digital alternative is becoming a reality in Europe. Together with you, we want to create an offer that stands the test of time which will be able to evolve increasingly quickly as Infomaniak itself develops. Your requests, feedback and satisfaction are therefore an absolute priority to us.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank you for the trust you place in us and your enthusiasm for our independent technologies. If you are not yet familiar with our ecosystem and your want to be part of it, create your Infomaniak account with an email address and free storage.

And to make sure you don’t miss any of the surprises we have in store for you, follow us on Linkedin.