In this article, you’ll learn the advantages of hosting a Synology NAS in a Datacenter.

A Synology NAS is used mainly to store and group all your data together in a single location so that it can be accessed from all your devices (game consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.). A Synology NAS can also be used to store data, host websites, download/upload torrent files, sync data between devices, conduct video surveillance and much more.

In order to control their online information, individuals are increasingly deciding to group their data on a Synology NAS while keeping the option of accessing their photos, music, videos, and documents from a smartphone while on the go.

10 reasons to host a Synology NAS in a Datacenter

  1. Security: By backing up your data in a second, completely secure location, the risk of data loss is considerably reduced.
  2. Confidentiality: All of Infomaniak’s datacenters are located in Switzerland, and Infomaniak does not have access to the content on the Synology NAS
  3. Flexible: Choose the power, capacity, and number of hard disks you need
  4. Ease of installation: Infomaniak handles the Synology NAS installation, and then all you have to do is use it from home
  5. Infomaniak lifetime guarantee: In the event of a hardware problem with a Synology server or hard drive, Infomaniak will repair or replace the defective equipment as soon as possible
  6. Professional DDoS Protection: By hosting a Synology in an Infomaniak datacenter, you’ll receive professional DDoS protection
  7. Unlimited bandwidth and traffic: You will receive 1 Gbps of bandwidth and you can download and upload as much data as you want using your Synology
  8. Absolute freedom: Infomaniak does not filter the traffic on your Synology
  9. Accessible from anywhere, at any time: for each Synology, Infomaniak issues a self-signed SSL and a fixed public IP address
  10. Cost control: After the monthly fee for your Synology, you don’t have to worry about extra charges for hardware maintenance, electricity consumption, air conditioning, or the price of the base equipment

To find out more about the price for hosting a Synology in a datacenter, click here.