Infomaniak’s Web and Classic hostings are evolving and now feature 1280 MB of RAM and 300 seconds for script execution, making web applications such as WordPress, PrestaShop or Joomla available to clients.

Memory and execution time allocated to scripts

These two variables (memory_limit, max_execution_time) are decisive when it comes to ensuring certain resource-intensive CMS or PHP scripts work well.

By increasing the memory and execution time from 128 MB to 1280 MB and from 30 seconds to 300 seconds respectively, Infomaniak is boosting the resources you can use to execute your scripts and has become the most generous hosting service provider in this field (comparison, in French).

Changing a site’s limits

By default, these limits are set at 640 MB (memory_limit) and 60 seconds (max_time_execution), but you are free to increase these limits up to 1280 MB and 300 seconds. To find out more

Should you need to, you can also extend the execution time up to 60 minutes 10x per year. To find out more