Infomaniak launches bulk domain transfer. It is now possible to repatriate all of your domains in a few clicks with Infomaniak so as to benefit from the services and prices of the most competitive registrar in Europe.

The transfer of multiple domains was initially developed to support the arrival of new professionals possessing a very large number of domain names and wishing to benefit from our competitive prices. By choosing Infomaniak to manage thousands of domains, these users are demonstrating great trust and are helping to further strengthen our position on the domain name market.

Accredited by ICANN, Afnic, Verisign and Switch, Infomaniak has become a benchmark thanks to its exclusive benefits and range of specialist services, making the most of its domain names. This article takes the opportunity to present the benefits that Infomaniak offers its clients, all while providing domains at the lowest prices.

Infomaniak, the benchmark registrar for purchasing your domains at the best price

With Infomaniak, 1 domain name includes free of charge 1 email address with unlimited storage + 1 personal web page.

Your domain plays a central role. It is both access to your website and means of communication with your audience via your personalised email addresses. As we verify on a daily basis with our clients, you need to be able to depend on a reliable service to manage your domain names in the best conditions.

As a leading Swiss and European registrar, Infomaniak makes it easy to use and manage domains using a clear, intuitive interface that is suited to all technical needs. Infomaniak allows you to check availability and register a domain name using your professional email address in just a few clicks. So that no domain is beyond your reach, we provide access to a very wide range of extensions, from traditional generic extensions (domains such as .com, .net, .fr, .ch, .be, etc.) to new extensions (.shop, .immo, .cloud, .store, .digital).

Your domain names at the best price

Looking for an inexpensive domain name? Infomaniak offers domains at the most competitive prices available for the majority of common extensions. Conscious that domain names are the doorway to the online world, we are committed to offering the best prices possible. To achieve this, we take virtually no portion of profit and merely reflect those price increases which are imposed by the registries. At Infomaniak, you’ll not only find domain names at the lowest prices but also at the most stable on the market. Without any arbitrary price fluctuations, you’ll suffer no surprises from one year to the next.

  • Domain name .fr for €5.40/year
  • Domain name .be for €6.90/year
  • Domain name .ch for CHF 8.90/year
  • Domain name .com for €9.90/year
  • Domain name .net for €10.50/year

Webmail with synchronisation of your contacts and calendars, unlimited email storage, the ability to send large attachments, a personal web page, the ability to create and send a newsletter: all of this is included free of charge with every domain name that you register with Infomaniak.

Discover WorkSpace, the 100% Swiss scalable Webmail service

When you reserve or transfer a domain with Infomaniak, you receive a professional email address with unlimited storage space (hosted exclusively in Switzerland) free of charge. In particular, you enjoy the benefits of WorkSpace, the Swiss Webmail par excellence, equipped with a collaboration suite for managing and synchronising your email, contacts, calendars and SMS online:

Your personal web page, made secure with free SSL

To ensure your online presence, your domain allows you to host a personal web page of 10 MB, secured with an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. A page-building wizard helps you to create your web page in seconds.

This way, you can create an individual web page to present your services and provide your contact details, for example.

Creating and sending newsletters

Infomaniak’s Newsletter tool helps you to create professional and attractive newsletters online without any prior technical knowledge. With your domain name, you have 100 free credits each month for sending mailshots to your readers.

The Newsletter tool is the most intuitive means of getting started in emailing. This turnkey solution makes it easy for you to integrate a subscription form onto your website and import an unlimited number of contacts. In addition, you receive all of the features, such as the drag-and-drop editor, professional templates and statistics for making your campaigns a success, all without subscription.

Attentive customer service available seven days a week

Whether you wish to modify the DNS zone of your domain, perform a redirection or transfer your domain name to Infomaniak to enjoy its benefits: you must be able to rely on available and responsive customer service.

Whatever your question, you’re never alone. Contactable by email, chat and phone, Infomaniak’s customer service responds to all of your requests seven days a week and is happy to assist you in case of any doubt. Available in French, English, Italian, Spanish and German, Infomaniak’s support is also one of its best business cards with a satisfaction rate of 93% and climbing.

Common questions about domain names

Thanks to a very close relationship with our clients, we identify the most frequently asked questions about domain names on a daily basis. This section takes the opportunity to review the most common questions and offer you our perspective, beginning with the most essential among them:

How do I purchase a domain name?

First and foremost, let’s remember that a domain name is leased (from one year to another) but cannot, strictly speaking, be purchased.

To create and register a domain name, go to Enter the desired name and follow the instructions on the screen. The extensions available (.fr, .ch, .com, etc.) for your new domain name are all presented along with the available discounts. Then, you simply add your domain names to the shopping cart and click ‘next’. The dedicated wizard assists you in choosing the right options and takes regulation into account. As soon as payment has been made, you will receive a detailed confirmation email presenting a guide for getting started with your domain.

How do I find and choose the right domain name?

Choosing a domain name can sometimes seem difficult. We recommend that you read our guide to learn how to identify the right domain name for your website. Our experts detail the most important criteria in helping you to make an informed choice.

Which domain name extension should I choose?

As with the domain name, the choice of extensions is also important. One or multiple extensions: which solution is most suited to your project? Our guide will help you choose the right extension for your domain name.

What does ‘transferable’ mean when I want to reserve my domain? allows you to check the availability of a domain name. When you enter the name that you want, Infomaniak automatically checks the status of the corresponding domain. If the desired name is shown alongside the word ‘transferable’, this means you can transfer it to Infomaniak only if you already own it. The new bulk transfer feature allows you to process hundreds of domains at once.

What do I do if a domain name is already taken?

This situation is very common. Fortunately, Infomaniak offers a very wide range of extensions to help you circumvent the problem, where necessary. Before doing that, we recommend that you read our guide containing valuable tips on the choice of your domain name.

How do I transfer a domain name?

You can easily transfer your domain name to take advantage of our advanced features and prices. This documentation tells you the procedure for transferring your domain to Infomaniak. Our support service is at your disposal if you have any questions or concerns when transferring your domain name.

Can I order my domain name with Infomaniak if my website is hosted elsewhere?

Certainly. Even in a situation where you host your website elsewhere, you will enjoy many benefits by purchasing or transferring your domain name with Infomaniak. Of course, this has no effect upon the viewing of your website, wherever it may be hosted (Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, etc.).

How can I modify the contact information for my domain name (WHOIS)?

Through Infomaniak’s Manager, you can easily alter WHOIS information for your domain names. This guide will tell you how to make these changes.

How long does it take to transfer my domain name and should I plan for a service interruption?

Generally speaking, an interruption is to be expected for the DNS propagation delay. Infomaniak offers detailed procedures on a case-by-case basis so as to eliminate or minimise interruptions relating to domain transfer. We recommend that you read this article about transferring a domain without disrupting the operation of your email and websites.

What domain extensions do you offer?

On, you’ll find the domain names and the top inexpensive extensions on the market. We offer a list of hundreds of domain extensions that is continually updated so as to include the latest extensions as quickly as possible.

Do I need to manage my domains and my web hosting services in the same place?

Domain name management is always conducted with an accredited registrar. Infomaniak operates as a registrar independently of its web hosting and cloud service activities. There is, therefore, no conflict of interest likely to justify a deliberate separation of the management of your domain names from that of your web hosting services. On the contrary, by managing your domain names in the same place as you do your websites, these will be linked automatically to your websites, and everything will be easier.

Is the domain name offered along with a web hosting service at Infomaniak?

The domain name is invoiced independently of your web hosting service for the sake of transparency and to guarantee you complete freedom in choosing your service provider. We refuse to ‘bog down’ the price of your domain name with that for your hosting service. In this way, we’re able to offer you the most competitive prices on the market with total transparency.

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