Infomaniak launches Domain Privacy: the ultimate solution to protect information relating to owners of domain names. By activating this functionality, the name, email address, telephone number and postal address of the owner of the domain name remain confidential.

Domain Privacy makes search results on the Whois public database anonymous by substituting all of the personal information with a neutral representative. Domain Privacy is therefore the best defence against the risk of identity theft and the fraudulent use of domain names by hackers or spammers.

Ensuring the confidentiality your personal contact details and protecting yourself against SPAM

The introduction of Domain Privacy meets the confidentiality and security needs expressed by our customers.

Both professionals and private individuals have an interest in protecting their personal information. This precious data is “white information”: free, public and accessible via Whois search engines. It is not uncommon for this information to be used by malicious people or marketing companies.

There are many cases highlighting the importance of protecting personal data. Here are some examples:

  • Search engines: a simple search on a person returns the domain names that they own.
  • Cybercrime: hackers can use personal data to impersonate an owner and commit crimes.
  • Public life/private life: In practice, a company’s domain name may be linked to a physical person and reveal their home address.
  • Freedom of expression: The public display of personal information may hinder the freedom of expression of a person involved in journalism or blogging.
  • Competition: A company can find out about its competitors’ projects by discovering strategic domain names acquired with a view to future developments.
  • Spam: Spammers and robots routinely collect email addresses in Whois directories for massive spam mailings.

Domain Privacy: Total protection

Once activated, Domain Privacy substitutes the information present in the Whois directories with that of a neutral entity: Domain Privacy Trustee SA. Based in Switzerland, this company is a trusted intermediary. With Domain Privacy, the domain name holders can only be contacted through a secure form that guarantees anonymity and offers effective protection against spam. The holder protected by Domain Privacy remains the legal owner of the domain.

Domain Privacy can be activated in a few seconds

The activation of Domain Privacy is advantageous and can be done at any time. All services related to the domain continue to work without interruption.

Domain Privacy protection is available when ordering or transferring a domain name with Infomaniak. If you already have a domain managed by Infomaniak, just click on the domain name for which you want to activate protection in the Manager and activate Domain Privacy from its dashboard.

With the best rates on the market, Infomaniak meets the highest requirements with a full range of domain name management services. As a leading registrar, Infomaniak places privacy, confidentiality and data security at the centre of product development.

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