Known for its responsible economy stance, Infomaniak pledges never to take part in tax optimisation. In 2016, the company paid over 400,000 CHF in taxes, between local taxes for its headquarters in Carouge and the Canton of Geneva. This amount is a testament to its commercial success, and illustrates sustained demand, in Switzerland and in Europe, for high-end Web services.

With an estimated turnover of 19.5 million CHF for 2017, Infomaniak continues to move forward and maintains its appeal, not only for its great value offers, but also for its responsible, sustainable management method. Supported by linear growth, the company contributes to the economic drive of the Web sector on a Swiss and European scale.

A responsible economic player

With the help of over 80 employees, Infomaniak develops all of its solutions in Switzerland, without outsourcing any of its activities. The belief that companies must play an important role in the community is a key part of the Infomaniak philosophy.

“Success does not come without responsibilities,” claims Boris Siegenthaler, founder of Infomaniak. “Companies are frequently criticized for transferring their profits to structures which are optimised to reduce their taxes. We will never do that,”he added.

Thanks to its location in Geneva, Infomaniak enjoys a special place in the heart of Europe, enabling it to extend its influence far beyond the Swiss frontier. What’s more, this situation means the company can attract the most sought-after talents. These elements have made it possible to develop innovative solutions to meet the immense challenges of the sector. By keeping its activities deeply-rooted locally and refusing any form of tax optimisation, Infomaniak aims not only to be a player but also a driving force for a responsible economy.

Transparency: a criteria for choosing

Faced with so many hosting solutions, how do you make the right choice? Now more than ever is the time for companies to state what makes them different. Historically, Infomaniak has stood out through the excellence of its services and the quality of its support. Other criteria, previously considered extremely forward-thinking, now occupy an obvious place in the buying process. Ethics and sustainable development are strong differentiating elements. Whether institutional or private, clients now tend to favour responsible companies.

Infomaniak did not wait around for this to become the trend, and was already defining industry best practices and inspiring other companies to follow them. Its commitment to sustainability has been officially embedded in its DNA, since the 2007 adoption of an environmental charter that is particularly strict.

Infomaniak’s commercial success is the reward for a strong commitment and shows that it is possible to align commercial objectives with values and responsible management.

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