Infomaniak launches the Whois Anti-Spam: a radical way to fight against spam. This new feature makes it possible to hide the address of a domain name’s owner in the Whois search results. The option is enabled in just one click and is free for all holders of a .com and .net domain name managed by Infomaniak.

What is Whois?

Whois is an online service for finding out information about a domain name. This information is public and includes the email address as well as the first and last name and mailing address of the domain holder. Advertising agencies or ill-intentioned persons can thus use this information to send spam, but also to attempt to steal login credentials or access.

Using the Whois Anti-Spam feature, Infomaniak now lets you effectively protect against this abuse of information. To hide the email address linked to a domain name from Whois, we now offer all our clients the possibility of substituting a generic email address for their personal email address. To get in contact with the holder of a domain name, you will need to fill out a secure form protected against bots

Protecting the Whois email address

The Whois Anti-Spam function is already available for .com and .net domain names and all our clients can activate this protection for free from the dashboard of their domain name.

All you need for your domain names’ security

This new feature is part of our constant approach to enhance the security of our products. This desire has been illustrated in recent months by the free default activation of DNSSEC protection for all domain names purchased with or transferred to Infomaniak. We have also introduced a security wizard to the Manager as well as AntiVirus scanning on demand for all Web hostings.

In the near future, personal data protection for domains will be even further enhanced by the introduction of an important new feature. As a Swiss registrar accredited by ICANN, Infomaniak would like to offer the best possible security for your domains by offering the most attractive prices on the market.