As the leading Swiss registrar on the market, Infomaniak is increasing the security of its customers and promotes the use of DNSSEC. We manage 43.5% of all .CH and .LI domain names that are secured by DNSSEC [1] and, currently, 13.64% of all domains managed by Infomaniak are signed with DNSSEC.

DNSSEC in brief

DNSSEC is a technology that makes it possible to secure the authenticity of the response provided by the DNS servers and thus assures web users that they are visiting the website they actually want to use. DNSSEC is therefore an additional layer of security to the SSL certificate of a site:

  • DNSSEC makes sure the web user goes to the site matching the URL address entered
  • The SSL certificate encrypts the exchanges between the Web browser and the server of a website

Democratizing DNSSEC

Infomaniak offers the option of securing domain names using DNSSEC, and has done so since April 2017, DNSSEC is enabled automatically for all new domain orders. Given the fact that 84.77% of people leave this option enabled by default, the share of domains secured using DNSSEC is constantly growing:

Currently, 13.64% of all domains managed by Infomaniak are signed with DNSSEC.

Securing a domain name with DNSSEC

For now, only a limited number of registrars allow users to enable DNSSEC in 1 click, and even fewer enable this security feature by default.

With Infomaniak, all domains registered since April 5, 2017 are secured by default using DNSSEC, and it is very easy to enable DNSSEC on a domain, or to verify if a domain is secured using DNSSEC:

If necessary, you can easily transfer the management of your domains to Infomaniak in order to benefit from DNSSEC in addition to very competitive prices.


[1] Switch, June 8, 2017