You can now launch an on-demand AntiVirus scan on your Infomaniak Web hosting. This new feature allows you to scan all hosted websites and is a valuable timesaver for Web agencies and webmasters who can then anticipate security issues quickly.

The managed Cloud Server also benefits from this improvement which steps up our security-focused commitment. This tool complements the ongoing file scan rolled out on all our servers and ensures you know in just a few minutes if any of your websites contains threats listed in our virus databases.

Like any classic AntiVirus, virus signatures are updated continuously to counter new vulnerabilities. As such, threats may be discovered post server transmission. In this case, the on-demand AntiVirus scan becomes critically important and proves just how effective it is.

Please keep in mind that a good antivirus is only effective if the standard best practices are observed:

  • update your Web applications (Joomla, WordPress, etc.)
  • use a one-time password for your online services
  • favor official, widespread and regularly-updated resources

By following these principles and by entrusting your sites to a secure host, you will ensure your sites are not hacked or penalized by search engines like Google.

We work diligently to optimize the security of your sites and we hope you will find this new feature useful. Feel free to share suggestions for improvement when you contact our support. We are dedicated to constantly streamlining and enhancing our services 🙂

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