Infomaniak is certified ISO 9001:2015 for its quality management. As a cloud service provider, quality is directly linked to data security, the reliability of our services and customer satisfaction. We monitor this in our weekly meetings, processes and ISO audits that ensure our continuous improvement in this area.

ISO 9001: a guarantee for quality services

“By being ISO 9001 certified, Infomaniak is committed to keeping quality at the heart of its development within a binding framework.” Marc Oehler, Infomaniak CEO

The ISO 9001 standard is part of our continuous improvement policy and establishes the criteria for an effective quality management system that encompasses all our activities: our data centers, the development of our web tools and software, and customer support.

In simple terms, this standard includes:

  • A commitment and a corporate culture focussing on customer satisfaction and the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Documented procedures that ensure compliance with established quality standards.
  • Management of risks that could affect the quality of our services.
  • Monitoring systems to assess and continuously improve the quality of our services and customer satisfaction.
  • An audit of Infomaniak by an independent body that verifies compliance with the ISO 9001 framework.

Every day, quality is incorporated into all our activities with the aim of continuously improving ourselves:

  • Our staff and IT partners can report bugs or suggestions for improvement in a single click, with a video and automatically generated images.
  • Our customers can submit needs or suggestions for improvement for all our products via dedicated feedback pages.
  • Customers who contact our support team can evaluate their interactions by means of a satisfaction survey that is sent out automatically some time after a ticket has been closed, regardless of whether the ticket has been resolved or not.
  • Each code change is systematically checked by a second developer and by batteries of automatic tests (CI/CD).
  • Each development of our interfaces or services is systematically tested by a dedicated internal team as well as a panel of external testers.
  • Feedback from our customers via our support team, social networks or dedicated feedback pages is analysed and discussed each week in the product meetings concerned.
  • Company projects follow a defined workflow that involves performance indicators, results and systematic testing.
  • Each employee is allocated an annual training budget in order to develop their skills, thereby helping improve the quality of our services.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and we are constantly pushing back the boundaries of what we have already achieved to create an ethical cloud.