“The Ethical Cloud” respects your privacy. It’s social. It’s sustainable. This signature has been our commitment for 28 years. We control our cloud infrastructures and productivity solutions from end to end so that we never have to make any concessions with regard to our values. We have a vision that we materialise through clear commitments.

Privacy-friendly: this is the cornerstone of trust

100% of Infomaniak belongs to 10% of its employees and the aim is gradually to open ownership to the other employees and, in the long term, to the customers as well. Economic independence enables us to set our priorities in line with our values. Our business model is about safeguarding data, not selling it.

We target technological competence at every level. This approach enables us to comply with Infomaniak’s stringent data confidentiality policy. Infomaniak has complete control over the data centers, from their design to their operation. The software layer that drives our cloud infrastructures and virtualisation technologies is based on OpenStack, an open-source technology recognised worldwide to which our engineers contribute directly. All our solutions are developed in Switzerland by our own developers.

Technological dependence is untenable. It conditions our security and the future of our economy, the competitiveness of our companies and jobs and the freedom of choice of our societies.
Boris Siegenthaler, Infomaniak’s founder and Head of Strategy

Infomaniak’s hardware and software independence keeps your data out of reach of extraterritorial information laws and far from the indiscretions of the web giants, the interference of governments and any back doors.

The data you entrust to us is encrypted and stored in Switzerland as quickly as possible. This extremely stable framework provides one of the most stringent legislations in terms of data confidentiality and protection. Infomaniak also meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Social: Infomaniak is above all a human adventure

The Ethical Cloud means 200 employees, 200 stories, 200 careers and 200 voice sharing a common desire and common principles:

  • Attentiveness to our customers: our customers determine our priorities and everything we do, we do it for you. It is not by chance that our support team has been acknowledges since the very outset. You are our priority!
  • Transparency: this is the basis for developing not trust and a long-term relationship;
  • Horizontality: we target efficiency and commitment, independent of status or experience. At Infomaniak, anyone can suggest ideas and take initiatives.
  • Serious work that is fun: we spend most of our time at work. Everything that can foster collaboration, benevolence, pleasure and passion on a daily basis is a must.
  • Participatory management: the employees and soon our customers are the only shareholders in Infomaniak.

In the past 20 years, I have occupied several positions at Infomaniak. I can truly say that the passion, sense of responsibility and desire to have an impact here are worth all the diplomas in the world.
Anne Passera, HR Director at Infomaniak

Some 70% of Infomaniak’s employees are engineers and developers. These skills ensure our technological independence, enabling us to react quickly to changing user needs.

In light of the shortage of developers on the market, Infomaniak invests in the creation of new training programmes. École 42, EPFL, CREA or réalise: we finance and directly contribute to the development of skills that are of instant use to the sector.

Infomaniak pays its taxes in Switzerland and all our employees work in Geneva or Winterthur. We prioritise local sourcing and, for example, we purchase Swissbit SSD discs manufactured in Germany and Meyer-Burger solar panels designed in Switzerland and made in Germany.

Sustainable: no compromises with regard to the climate emergency

The climate and biodiversity situations are emergencies. Out of necessity, we have become pioneers of the ecological cloud, because no technology enabled us to achieve our environmental goals.

1) Since 2007, we have set some of the most ambitious targets in the sector through our ethical and environmental charter. Our approach has been rewarded with several prizes, certifications and trophies:

  • We extend the service life of our servers up to 15 years (1 server represents an average of 1.7 to 2 tonnes of CO2).
  • All our activities are powered exclusively by local, renewable and energies.
  • We have chosen an ethical pension fund which does not invest in the sale of weapons or in authoritarian regimes.
  • We practise fiscal transparency, not optimisation.
  • We promote soft mobility, offering up to CHF 1,500 per year/employee.
  • We reject commercial practices contrary to the sustainable economy, such as Black Friday.
  • We constantly measure the impact of our actions in line with the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards.

2) Since 2017, we have offset CO2 emissions by 200% that we cannot reduce and by 100% since 2007. The difference of 100% is a guarantee that covers any potential measurement imprecisions.

3) A total of 1% of our growth is allocated to actions which aim to make environmental protection legislation more restrictive, in particular within our industry.

We won’t stop there: our next data center will recycle all the energy consumed in order to heat up to 6,000 households in winter and provide tens of thousands of households with hot water in the summer. We will also gradually introduce solar energy installations to produce as much energy as we consume.

Infomaniak will remain independent in order to perpetuate its commitments

Infomaniak is a company that needs to generate income, but not at the expense of our commitments or of what forms the cornerstone of the trusting relationship we maintain with our customers who have been with us from the start.
Marc Oehler, Director of Infomaniak

Our commitments have only grown stronger over the years and to ensure they remain firmly embedded, we have become a member of the Chamber of the social and solidarity economy (Après-GE). It checks the implementation of our commitments:

  • Transparency
  • Collective interest
  • Limited pursuit of profit
  • Respect for the environment
  • Participatory management
  • Social management

We have published these few lines so that, together with us, you can help safeguard these principles. Your trust and loyalty enable us to write the story of an independent company promoting an ethical cloud with people at heart. With you, we will pursue our story as far as possible.

Thank you for being demanding with us, and thanks for you for the trust you place in us.

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