Infomaniak is reinforcing its social and economic commitment by becoming a member of the Chambre de l’économie sociale et solidaire (“APRÈS-GE”, the Chamber of the Social and Solidarity Economy). Collective interests and the principles of a solidarity-based economy and respect for the environment will be enshrined in the company’s statutes in a sustainable and binding way.

Infomaniak will remain intrinsically committed to its ethical values

Against the backdrop of a system that puts capital above the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants, we are taking action to reinforce our commitments over time:

  1. Our ethical principles will be incorporated into Infomaniak’s DNA (our statutes) so that they become an intrinsic part of our organisation’s development.
  2. The Chambre ESS (APRÈS-GE) will keep a close eye on how our commitments are being implemented.
  3. Any changes to the statutes will be subject to the majority vote of the governing board.

This approach will also ensure that Infomaniak remains unwaveringly focused on sustainable and responsible growth.

Businesses looking to maintain their social and environmental commitments need to develop genuine ecological expertise. Alexandre Patti, Energy Manager

We are cultivating the principles of a responsible and respectable economy

Joining the Chambre ESS (APRÈS-GE) confirms our current commitments. It also compels us to develop these principles at every level of the organisation, and along various lines:

  • Transparency: Infomaniak’s activities and financial information will be examined regularly by APRÈS-GE.
  • Collective interests: our developments will be geared exclusively towards collective interests.
  • Limited pursuit of profit: we will practise fiscal transparency and adopt a fair wage policy.
  • Respect for the environment: we are committed to improving our package of measures for protecting the environment based on predetermined timeframes.
  • Participative management: our employees are stakeholders in the company and play an active part in decision-making. Infomaniak is managed in a cross-disciplinary way as far as possible.
  • Social management: we will endeavour to foster fulfilling and equal working conditions.

Appealing to people’s sense of values to build our future

By joining the Chambre ESS, we are teaming up with actors who are keen to support the social and solidarity-based economy as far and as long as required. We will therefore endeavour not just to generate added value, but to create “social added value” and environmental added value too. We are involved in projects with a considerable leverage effect, e.g.:

Designing and setting up the world’s cleanest and most efficient data centre

Between now and 2025, we intend to set up the most environmentally friendly data centre in the world. All of the waste heat produced by this data centre will be recovered and used to heat a whole district of buildings, which should enable us to reach an even higher level of efficiency than the one we have already achieved with our latest data centre, which already boasts one of the lowest power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratios in the world at under 1.1.

Becoming a technology bio-cooperative

We would like Infomaniak to belong exclusively to its employees. Eventually, our customers will be able to take ownership of some parts of the business too. The aim of this is to create an ethical and sustainable commitment for the good of the company while minimising its environmental impact.

Activist values deeply embedded in Infomaniak’s DNA

Infomaniak has been developing and following its own ethical and environmental charter – one of the most stringent in the industry – since 2007.

We are developing recognised ecological expertise by, in particular:

  • Running the most environmentally friendly data centre in Switzerland
  • extending the service life of our servers while maintaining their performance
  • eco-designing all of our products and services

These technical innovations are supplemented by a package of responsible and environmentally sustainable measures, including:

  • using exclusively renewable energies
  • opting for an ethical pension fund
  • strongly encouraging soft mobility by awarding an incentive of CHF 1,500 per year for each employee
  • offsetting our residual CO2 emissions by 200%

Find out about all the measures being taken to make Infomaniak a leading green web host.


This step firms up our foundations so that we can achieve even more ambitious goals and continue to improve. Our aim is to be a driving force for change. By making our values a priority, we are giving them a strong and lasting foothold which will influence all our decisions.

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