Infomaniak clinches two partnerships with cutting-edge training programmes: EPFL Extension School and the MATRIX programme of l’Ecole 42. These training programmes get to grips with the issue of raising the digital sector in a pragmatic and audacious manner. By supporting these two pillars of digital technology education, the Swiss hosting service provider is enhancing its commitment to knowledge and the acquisition of digital skills.

Priority given to digital transformation

Digital technology is without doubt the most promising driver of growth for the economy. The inevitable digital transformation is therefore a prerequisite for economic longevity for businesses. It forces them to rethink their activities and to innovate.

In this context, IT developers, coders and more generally people who have real digital skills play a leading role. They are the architects of innovation. However, it turns out that there are not enough of them to meet the growing needs of the market. Training more programmers is therefore a priority.

Supporting knowledge is a responsibility

By investing massively in research and development, Infomaniak is able to offer web solutions which are among the most advanced on the market. Because of the development of its own technologies, the hosting service provider is set free from the limitations of external tools such as cPanel. This independence gives it complete control over the solutions it develops and allows it to meet the most exacting demands and to constantly evolve its services.

As a leading player in digital technology, Infomaniak always understands the importance of training in new technologies. That is why the company has decided to support initiatives which promise to spread in-depth knowledge of digital technology and to provide skills to those who want to take an active part in the digital transformation.

Bespoke training for success

The schools and training programmes supported by Infomaniak share one mission: to transmit professional and immediately usable digital skills at as little cost as possible.

Entirely online, EPFL Extension School allows its students to gain an academic EPFL title (Certificate of Open Studies) with no previous studies. Thanks to a format which is both flexible and customised, students can thus acquire cutting-edge skills while working and from anywhere in the world.

Through a disruptive pedagogical approach, the MATRIX programme, pedagogically integrated in 42, links several institutional agents or businesses to several other schools and universities and accompanies the new digital actors in an entrepreneurial dimension. The aim of this multidisciplinary programme is to create in 10 months, through contact with actors in the field, concrete solutions which enter economic life and allow students to create their own self-employment opportunities.

These schools boldly take on an ambitious mission and provide a balanced response for the digital transformation which society is going through.

A free web hosting for students

Infomaniak is committed to providing students with an unrivalled complete package. Students can enjoy a Web and Mail hosting free of charge with no limitation for the duration of their higher education studies. This offer has been designed to promote the acquisition of skills linked to digital technology and to allow students to become familiar with the tools used by professionals. Infomaniak’s student deal is also an opportunity to carry out a web project at the same time as their studies in order to be able to show their skills to a future employer or to breathe life into a business project…

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