Are you of legal age and enrolled in a school in one of the countries supported? Infomaniak’s education programme and its student offer give you access to all the tools you need to store your documents, collaborate online and create a website with free Web Hosting in an Ethical Cloud that makes no compromises on the environment, privacy or people.

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Everything you need for your studies

Free Web Hosting to create websites

Want to start a business while studying, share your passion online or simply develop your IT skills? As a student, Infomaniak offers you completely free Web Hosting that allows you to create up to 20 websites. In addition, you will have access to:

  • The famous Divi theme with WordPress and the Elegant Themes premium extensions
  • 100+ web apps such as PrestaShop, Dolibarr, Magento, Matomo, LimeSurvey, NextCloud and Moodle
  • Site Creator, Infomaniak’s alternative to Wix for creating your website really easily with the help of AI

An ethical collaborative solution for your group work

kSuite contains everything you need to make your academic projects a success:

  • An email address with your own domain name and AI that composes, replies to and reformulates your emails.
  • A secure drive for your photos and documents.
  • An instant messaging service for collaborating in groups and launching calls and videoconferences. kChat also allows you to use ChatGPT and Infomaniak’s sovereign artificial intelligence free of charge to generate images, transcribe audio files into text or assist you with your school work.
  • A calendar and address book with your contacts that synchronise across all your devices.

A supercharged transfer service is WeTransfer, but much more powerful and secure. Here, you can send up to 50 GB, your sharing links will be valid for 30 days and everything is hosted in Switzerland. This is THE service to add to your favourites. Plus, you don’t have to create an account and it’s ad-free.

Try out SwissTransfer

A Public Cloud (IaaS) to develop your system engineering skills

If you need resources for your infrastructure projects, you can benefit from 300 free credits! That’s huge considering our very competitive prices. It’s the perfect product to become a system engineer. You will have access to a real environment on Linux or Windows cloud servers in order to learn how to use technologies such as Terraform, Ansible, OpenStack or Kubernetes. Our documentation will make it easy to get started, and you can also call on a number of YouTube videos.

Here’s how to take advantage of Infomaniak’s student offer

  1. Sign up for the Infomaniak Education programme by clicking here.
  2. Keep your ID card and school certificate close at hand.
  3. Enjoy unlimited benefits during your studies.

💡 What will happen after my studies? Infomaniak’s education programme is limited to four years. You then take advantage of our regular prices, which are very competitive. Of course, free products such as SwissTransfer, kMeet or free addresses, and remain 100% free.

Why Infomaniak compared to Microsoft or Google?

Life is about making things that are sustainable, at least for a company. Boris Siegenthaler, Infomaniak’s founder and Head of Strategy

Are you unsure whether to choose Infomaniak, Microsoft or Google for your cloud services? Here are a few points that make a real difference, especially if you care about ecology and control of your data.

Infomaniak is an independent and committed company

Infomaniak has been the leading developer of web technologies in Switzerland since 1994. The company powers the IT services of millions of users in Switzerland and Europe.

  • We create jobs locally without relocating
  • We develop tomorrow’s talent
  • We contribute to the technological independence of Switzerland and Europe

Infomaniak makes no compromises when it comes to the environment.

  • We create data centers that revolutionise the cloud industry in terms of environmental impact (see the Numerama report)
  • We use exclusively renewable energy and build our solar power plants with European panels
  • We extend the service life of our servers up to 15 years
  • We offset all our CO2 emissions twice over

Infomaniak is a sovereign cloud that respects your privacy.

  • The data entrusted to us is hosted exclusively in Switzerland
  • Software that processes data is developed in-house or based on open source technologies
  • Infomaniak is not subject to US laws, but to strict Swiss and European laws (FADP, GDPR) in terms of data protection.

Choosing Infomaniak means choosing an Ethical Cloud that doesn’t analyse your data and is as virtuous as possible from an ecological, social and local economic point of view.

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