To enable everyone to create a showcase site or professional e-commerce website easily, we propose Site Creator. This website generator is an independent alternative to Wix with local support to get started online ultra-quickly in complete autonomy. The web agencies and our network of partners have access to a new solution to create attractive, advantageous and secure websites which will be easy to update.

A really simple website creation solution

Whether you need to present your activity, share news, sell products, create selling pages or generate leads, Site Creator incorporates over 50 fully customisable themes.

The tool is a turnkey solution requiring no technical expertise. Everything comes naturally to hand. Just click to change the text font, size and colour, add a subtitle, enlarge a section, etc. To add elements (content blocks), simply drag and drop them via the left-hand section or within the site to rearrange them.

The page content is divided into blocks that can be dragged and dropped in a new location with a single click. Predefined content makes it possible to create new pages quickly, which are attractive and perfectly optimised for all devices.

Everything is possible: showcase site, online shop, blog, selling pages, etc.

Site Creator allows anyone to create a website quickly, together with a blog and an online shop.

In addition to the functions linked to the creation of web pages or blog posts, Site Creator enables you to…

  • list events in a calendar
  • create guides or a knowledge base
  • incorporate podcasts and videos with a customisable player
  • create photo galleries or carousels
  • generate contact forms
  • create and update restaurant menus
  • enable visitors to download files
  • display location plans
  • create surveys
  • and so on.

For online shops, Infomaniak takes no commission on sales, and all the usual functions are included:

  • creation of a products and services catalogue
  • definition of a sales/catchment area
  • generation of promotional codes
  • VAT and currency management
  • order tracking and stock monitoring
  • payments with PayPal, Stripe or Mollie
  • exportable customer data and statistics to launch emailing campaigns
  • and so on.

Naturally, the solution is compatible with audience analysis tools such as Matomo Analytics, Google Analytics and Hotjar, as well as flagship services such as Calendly (automated appointment booking) or Live Chat.

Secure, high-performance and well referenced sites

Sites designed with Site Creator are natively secure, high-performance and optimised for mobile phones and SEO:

  • Secure sites: updates and technical aspects are fully managed by Infomaniak. The only thing you need to do is protect your Infomaniak account with a strong password and double authentication. You can sleep easy.
  • Pages that are displayed in the blink of an eye: the sites generated offer high performance and the TinyPNG app automatically optimises the size of images on your website.
  • Well referenced sites: it is easy to customise the title, description and keywords of each page for search engines. An overview of the site description in Google is even displayed in real time in the editor.
  • Sites optimised for mobile phones: the pages created are natively optimised for all devices.

An alternative to Wix and WordPress that will continue to evolve

WordPress remains a solid reference which drives over 40% of websites worldwide. Not everyone, however, wants to follow tutorials in order to understand how it works or perform regular updates of their website, extensions, theme and PHP version of its hosting solution to ensure the website is secure.

With Site Creator, everything comes naturally to hand, Infomaniak manages all the technical points on your behalf and you benefit from all our advantages:

  • Your data and your customers’ data is hosted in Switzerland, at the heart of Europe.
  • You benefit from local support, accessible and available in 5 languages.
  • You can call on a network of professionals to delegate the creation or migration of your website

The Infomaniak teams also continue to develop Site Creator in line with the market needs and user feedback.

Get started!

There are two possible scenarios:

  • You don’t have a website yet: order your web hosting solution with the domain name of your choice. You can then try Site Creator out in complete safety for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, simply contact our support team within 30 days of placing your order to obtain a refund for the web hosting solution.
  • You already have a web hosting solution with Infomaniak: Site Creator is included free of charge with the web hosting solutions and cloud servers. Log in to the dashboard of your hosting solution to test the power of Site Creator. This will not affect your websites already online 🙂

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