The Swiss hosting service leader is inaugurating its affiliate programme to compensate people who recommend our products. Open to all, this attractive programme offers a dedicated platform to help with your first steps as an affiliate. Thanks to an intuitive interface and real-time statistics, creating and optimising your affiliation campaigns is a piece of cake. With commissions growing up to 50%, becoming an Infomaniak affiliate lets you generate substantial passive income while helping people choose one of the highest performing and reliable hosting services on the market.

Generate passive income

Whether it’s to finance your own hosting or to generate more substantial income, Infomaniak’s affiliate programme is a unique opportunity to generate passive income over time. The dedicated platform lets you join the programme and obtain affiliation links with just a few clicks. It is then very easy to share your links on social networks, your Internet site or in videos. When a sale is generated through an affiliation link, commission is paid to the affiliate. It is now possible to profit from a presentation article, your blog, a tutorial or any other type of content to create an attractive source of automatic income.

It’s easy to recommend the best hosting service

Whether given or received, everyone knows the value of a recommendation. Going to the Web to search for information and advice on a product is now part of consumer habits. This is why content such as comparisons, tests or even presentation videos have so much success.

Recognised throughout Europe, the quality of Infomaniak products make it a hosting service that is easy to recommend to professionals as well as individuals. By recommending a high quality Web hosting service, you are helping those who are searching for a reliable and flexible host that is easy to master. The current affiliation programme also welcomes those who do not yet use Infomaniak by allowing them to test its flagship hosting package free of charge for three months.

Compensation matching the commitment

Infomaniak’s affiliate programme offers a very attractive compensation right from the first sale. We reward affiliate commitment by offering progressive compensation without limits on earnings. Cumulative revenues let you rapidly increase your commission rate up to 50%.

Joining the Infomaniak affiliation programme lets you earn money by recommending recognised high-quality services. Accessible and intuitive, it provides all the tools needed to get started without requiring you to be an expert.

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