The world leader in immersive entertainment, Dreamscape has chosen the Infomaniak ticketing service solution for its European centre in Geneva. Do you want to climb on a dragon’s back? Explore a distant planet? Attempt to survive an uprising in 1850? If you’re not afraid of speed or heights, then purchase your ticket for Dreamscape Geneva

“The Dreamscape ticket office is the key touchpoint that helps immerse people in the adventure”. Ronald Menzel, CSO of Dreamscape

Select your avatar and plunge into the heart of the adventure

Boasting a retro futuristic look, its terminal is the only place in Europe offering these ultra-immersive experiences. Embody the avatar of your choice and travel on a spaceship together with other explorers, go back in time or fly over canyons, buffeted by the air as it flows over the wings of your dragon. The free-roaming nature of the experience makes each exploration unique.

Somewhere between the worlds of Star Wars, Disney and Jules Vernes, the Dreamscape centre plunges visitors into adventure from the very outset.

Sight, smell, touch, hearing: experience memorable sensory and emotional entertainment that has even won over the major Hollywood studios.

The immersion begins from the moment you purchase a ticket

The experience begins with the physical interactions with Dreamscape and its trademark world.

Adventurers explore worlds, smell, take hold of objects and use them. But the journey starts with the reception – or onboarding – process, the arrival in a decor that is out of time and the experience on the website where everything begins with the purchase of a ticket: the starting point for the adventure!

Dreamscape wants to incorporate its ticketing service at every level of the user journey and thus of the narration. The ticket is part of the scenario of each experience. Participation in numerous micro-events also needs to be managed while maintaining the immersion in the Dreamscape experience.

The challenge

  • To manage participation in different micro-events (up to 20/30/40 events per day).
  • To create a Dreamscape look and feel on the website to enhance the immersion in the experience.
  • To extend the Dreamscape experience to the customer reception (onboarding) phase with their tickets.

The Infomaniak ticketing service chosen for its flexibility and integrability

In collaboration with Dreamscape, the Infomaniak developers have adapted the ticketing service to prolong and personalise the customer experience down to the smallest detail. Following the launch of the Infomaniak Events portal, this new stage of development will benefit everyone using the solution.

A user interface adapted to the micro-events

The Infomaniak ticketing service is constantly evolving to handle the new types of event, such streamed performances, VOD replays, etc. It usually manages one or two successive events per day and per organiser.

“Dreamscape embodies a new type of event and the Infomaniak ticketing service has evolved in response to these new formats.” Laurent Thévin, Business Manager Ticketing at Infomaniak

To meet Dreamscape’s needs, Infomaniak has developed its solution so that it can manage several separate events at the same time, handling several sessions every hour for groups of 4/6/8 people, non-stop 7 days a week.

Personalised integration creates a complete user experience

“Dreamscape wants to reach the public at every stage of the user journey.” Ronald Menzel, CSO of Dreamscape

The booking experience via the ticketing service has been revised in order to immerse the public in the adventure as soon as they visit the Dreamscape website. The booking calendar displays the participant counters in the form of capsules with indicator lights. Customers can choose their “departure” according to the places available. We no longer talk about events or door opening times, but of check-in and journey. This wording is echoed in each interaction with the ticketing service. It appears in the confirmation email, which has been redesigned with an illustration and a personalised font to reflect the corporate branding.

The Infomaniak API facilitates continuity with the Dreamscape ecosystem

“The Infomaniak API makes it possible to remain immersed in the Dreamscape world, even during the access control phase. On arriving, customers scan their tickets directly in the Dreamscape interface without having to leave it. It is at this point that they can select the avatar they will embody during their adventure.” Gaël Birman, Infomaniak ticketing service Analyst and Developer.

Working with Infomaniak solutions

How did collaboration with the Infomaniak team go?

Geneva is destined to be the Dreamscape R&D centre. In our collaboration, we noted that there is genuine curiosity at Infomaniak with regard to new things. Against this backdrop, we can rely on an excellent understanding and the fluidity of the discussions with the development team. This is really valuable for us.

How has the implementation of the ticketing service solution gone?

We worked for weeks upstream in order to create the basic functions we need. Deployment in the field then enabled us to test and make requests to the support team or specific adjustment requests (periods open for bookings, for example). We worked hand in hand until we achieved the final operating result in the Dreamscape centre as soon as it opened and this collaboration is naturally continuing.

What are the elements “you couldn’t do without”?

“The relational aspect, the interest in developing specific functions, the values, the local side: all these elements brought us closer to Infomaniak.” Ronald Menzel, CSO of Dreamscape

Steven Spielberg, Hans Zimmer, Warner Bros. : Hollywood is driving this revolution in the field of entertainment

“We create entertainment that is impossible to reproduce anywhere else than at Dreamscape. Our experiences encourage people to get outside their homes again, to go to our centres in person and begin exploring again.” Ronald Menzel, CSO of Dreamscape

If major names are funding the company or taking a close look at it, it’s because it embodies the future of entertainment. The boom in online business and dematerialised content has led to shopping centres and cinemas becoming deserted.

Dreamscape provides a response to bring people back. It combines the narrative power of cinema, the sensory intensity of amusement parks and the interactivity of video games. In short, it is what the public has been waiting for for a very long time, and today it is no longer a utopian vision.

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